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Aidan Aannestad

Signum SPACE Preceptor

Aidan Aannestad has a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of North Dakota, and has spent some time doing documentation work on an underdocumented language of Papua New Guinea. He has an enduring interest in all of the different ways that different languages work, and in some of the more misunderstood mechanisms that they […]

Sìne Màiri MacDougall

Signum SPACE Preceptor

Sìne Màiri teaches Scottish Gaelic for the SPACE program, helping her students achieve the European fluency standard levels.

Ryan Kimbell

Signum SPACE Preceptor

Ryan Kimbell's take on biology is out of this world!

Eve Droma

Signum SPACE Preceptor

Field Sociolinguist Eve Droma shares her love of languages in the SPACE program.

David Trimboli

Signum SPACE Preceptor

SPACE Preceptor David Trimboli shares Klingon language, grammar, literature, and culture wherever he can.

Shawn Gaffney

Signum SPACE Preceptor

Shawn Gaffney holds Masters degrees in Linguistics (Boston College) and Egyptology (New York University) and last year completed a Masters in Language and Literature from Signum University. With considerable coursework in these three areas of academia, Shawn has explored many topics specific to the ancient world, such as contact between different cultures, magic, and language […]

Robert Steed

Signum SPACE Preceptor

Robert Steed holds a PhD in History of Asian Religions (Chinese Religions) from the University of Iowa Department of Religious Studies. He is Professor of Humanities, East Asian Cultures and Religions, at Hawkeye Community College and a lecturer in Asian and World Religions at the University of Northern Iowa. His research and teaching interests extend to East […]

Theresa L. Raimundo

Signum Academy Preceptor

Terri Raimundo is a Spanish Conversation preceptor at Signum Academy. She received her B.S. in Elementary Education, as well as a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University in South Carolina. Terri grew up in various Latin American countries with her parents who were missionaries. Terri has privately tutored as well as classroom taught […]

Pilar Barrera

Signum SPACE Faculty Liaison and Preceptor, Signum Academy Preceptor

Pilar loves languages and literature. She is interested in fairy tales, especially Andersen’s, Wilde’s, and Japanese traditional tales. She also enjoys Japanese children’s literature, Old English elegies, and Shakespeare. Pilar has a Certificate of Higher Education in English literature from the University of Oxford, an MA in Literary Linguistics from the University of Nottingham, and […]

Isaac S. Schendel

Signum Academy Preceptor

Isaac S. Schendel is a Signum Academy Preceptor for Old English Translation Club and for German Conversation Club. Dr. Isaac received his PhD in Germanic Studies at the University of Minnesota in 2018.  He studied older Germanic Literature, Language, and Culture and is currently writing a book on Pennsylvania German Storytelling Traditions. He lives in […]