All The Board Guest Lecturers Faculty Staff

Robbie Park


Robbie Park leads the Signum Path program.

Gabriel Schenk

Lecturer; Preceptor

Gabriel Schenk teaches for Signum University and Signum Path. He holds a D.Phil. in Arthurian Literature from the University of Oxford.

Maggie Parke

Lecturer; Preceptor

Maggie Parke earned her Ph.D. in Film and Digital Media from Bangor University, Wales UK, with her specialty in the Creative Industries.

Larry Swain

Board Member Faculty Representative; Lecturer; Preceptor

Larry Swain is a preceptor and lecturer at Signum University. He holds an M.A. in Medieval Studies and a Ph.D. in English.

Paul Peterson

Dean of Language & Literature; Lecturer; Preceptor; Coach

Paul Peterson, a live and breathing Germanic philologist, holds an M.A. in Medieval Icelandic Studies from the University of Iceland, as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. in Germanic Medieval Studies from the University of Minnesota.

Sparrow F. Alden

Preceptor; Signum Advisor; Host of WriterSpace & Community Hearth

Sparrow is a preceptor and student advisor at Signum University; maintainer of Google Classroom and the Community Hearth; and scheduler of preceptor sessions.

Carl Edlund Anderson

Lecturer; Preceptor

Carl Edlund Anderson holds an A.B. in Folklore & Mythology from Harvard College and a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge.

Kristine Ainsworth Swank

Librarian; Preceptor; Lecturer

Preceptor, Lecturer, and Library Coordinator, Signum University; and Library Director, Pima Community College, Northwest Campus, Tucson, Arizona

Brenton Dickieson

Lecturer; Preceptor

Brenton Dickieson is a lecturer and preceptor in the Language & Literature Department.

Sørina Higgins


Sørina Higgins is a Ph.D. candidate, Teacher of Record, and Presidential Scholar at Baylor University.