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Sparrow graduated from Bowdoin College in 1986 with a BA in English Literature and Psychology and from Signum University in 2015 with an MA in Language and Literature.  She is co-owner/builder of a straw bale cabin in the New Hampshire woods with her wife Grace; they are grateful for the technology which keeps them in touch with their adult children.  She is an adjunct professor of English at the River Valley Community College as well as a preceptor in the Signum MA program where she also serves as accommodation coordinator.

As an independent scholar, Sparrow presents her digital humanities perspective on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien through her blog, Words That You Were Saying, and through papers at the Mythmoot and Tolkien in Vermont conferences. As a retired professional religious educator, she is the author of a good handful of children’s curricula on Earth-Centered spirituality.

As an amateur writer, she delves into poetic meditations and prose fantasy narratives. In fact, her enthusiasm for stories and their writers have led her to build the SPACE Creative Writing Sector. Extending Signum University’s atmosphere of encouragement and welcome, Sparrow and her fellow creative writing preceptors have developed the Collaborative Feedback method of peer-reader-feedback. Their newest adventure, Novel In A Year, welcomes Stories and their Writers at any level of readiness.

Sparrow currently serves on the Board of Visitors as Elected Staff Member and Vice-Chair.

Sparrow is a euro-looking woman with hazel eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. She's smiling, looking directly at you, and sitting in front of a poster which is a graphic blues and greens depiction of the Julia Set, a numerical concept related to fractals. Her shawl is hand-knit in the shape of a maple leaf, and if you'd like a link to the pattern, I'd be happy to share that with you.