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Signum Academy Page is our place to offer educational content for children in Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Signum Academy on Twitch

From Middle-earth to EarthBound

Reading video games and playing books every other week on Twitch

Starting from early table-top role-playing games and the first computer adventure games, we’ll explore the connections between video games and fantasy literature. Tune in the first and third Monday of the month at 7:30pm Eastern and join the discussion.

Signum Academy Blizzard Bags

In support of scholars whose bricks-and-mortar schools are closed now and then for inclement weather and those who are getting their education at home, we present the Signum Academy Blizzard Bags: self-contained educational projects based on literature and language for students to approach at their own level of sophistication.

a really lovely remote mountain, verdant with a rocky summit, and a footpath leading along a ridge toward that summit

Writing Prompts:

Writing in a journal
  • A blue watermelon
  • A character whose time has come
  • The quiet monster
  • poetry that sounds like hoofbeats
  • Sudden discovery of a long-lost relative
  • Inventor of Very Small Things
  • What we did on that impossible day in April with a can of silver paint and seven perfectly spherical rocks.