Nelson Goering


Dr. Nelson Goering hails from the Ocooch Mountains in Wisconsin, and holds a DPhil in Comparative Philology and General Linguistics from the University of Oxford. His research interests centre on the linguistics of the older Germanic and Indo-European languages, and he has a particular love for Old English, Old Norse, Gothic, and Avestan. His book Prosody in Medieval English and Norse deals with the linguistic prosody and poetic metre of Old English (including the controversial Kaluza’s law of Beowulf), Middle English (including the AB language described by Tolkien), and Old Norse (including Craigie’s law in eddic verse). Dr. Goering is also a lifelong reader of Tolkien, and he is especially interested in the intersection of Tolkien’s philological academic life with his creative works.

Nelson Goering is probably hiking as this photo is being shot. He's got an excited, clear-eyed expression, he's wearing a warm hat and a blue parka, and we see scrub and rocks on a slope behind him. He looks like he's having the best time ever!