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Education should be available to anyone who is willing and able to receive it.

At Signum University, we’re dedicated to creating an online learning platform that cultivates positive intellectual exchanges for our entire community – including students, auditors, faculty, and staff. We accomplish this goal by focusing on five characteristics we believe are essential to constructive education.


We’re creating a diverse learning community where students and professors can grow together in the academic world.


We incorporate traditional and innovative educational models to provide a digital learning platform that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


We make continued, lifelong academic options possible because we believe anyone who wants to learn should be able to afford an education.


We support meaningful relationships between students, faculty, and staff by promoting teamwork and individual responsibility.


We teach students how to interact with academics, personalize their curricula, and communicate meaningfully with peers and colleagues so they can successfully pursue their fields of research, now and in the future.


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Academic Programs

Learn more about the various academic programs Signum offers.

Love Learning?

Education shouldn’t just be something you have to do – it should be something you want to do. Rediscover the joys of learning through Signum University’s unique course offerings.

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Graduate Program

Our graduate degree program is challenging, rewarding, and affordable, taught by world-class faculty using state-of-the-art, synchronous teaching technology. Earn your advanced degree today!

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Open Education

Signum is dedicated to making a wide variety of educational content available for free – and charging as little as possible for the rest. Learn about our free academic activities and events!

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“Keeping tuition low is one small way we can begin changing the way education works!”

Dr. Corey Olsen – President, Signum University

Oct. 31, 2015