Signum Graduating Class 2018

Latest News and Events

  • Mythmoot XI: Registration Open

    Huzzah! After many and complex logistics have been negotiated, sorted, and pounded into shape, the Mythmoot XI registration is open! What is Mythmoot? It is Signum University’s Annual Speculative Literature Conference, bringing together all of our community from every niche of the University. Fans of the Mythgard Institute, Students from the Graduate School of Arts,…

A Fully-Online Community of Scholars

Signum University is a nonprofit, digitally-native educational institution focused on providing affordable education, training, and mentorship opportunities in a collaborative remote-learning environment.

The Master of Arts in Language and Literature is our premier degree program, first established in 2011. Unlike many other graduate programs that separate language and literature studies, Signum University provides a comprehensive course of study in analyzing great literature that emphasizes the important role language plays in the stories we read, hear, and tell. This rigorous credit program includes a Master’s Thesis demonstrating original scholarship.

We also offer a rich variety of non-degree programs:

  • Writer’s Forge helps people improve their writing skills with one-to-one guidance and feedback.
  • Signum Academy provides high-quality extracurricular education to children and teenagers.
  • SPACE provides fully online access to a serious but low-impact arena for learning, whether you are interested in building a systematic course of study or just pursuing eclectic interests.
  • Finally, we offer no-cost online classes and lectures to everyone through the Mythgard Institute.