Non-degree Programs

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Signum Portals for Adult Continuing Education (SPACE) aims to provide numerous and varied opportunities for personal enrichment through learning. SPACE modules are designed to be academically serious but fun, focused purely on the love of learning and the joy of studying the material. SPACE provides fully online access to a serious but low-impact arena for learning, whether you are interested in building a systematic course of study or just pursuing eclectic interests.

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Signum Academy provides programs for school-age children to encourage reading, discussion, and in-depth study of imaginative literature. Dozens of libraries, homeschool groups, and families participate in our free Signum Academy Summer Reading Camps each year.

Mythgard Institute

The Mythgard Institute is a research center that focuses on speculative fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and story adaptations. Through various programs, the Mythgard Institute offers free online seminars open to the public and engages broader online academic, fandom and gaming communities to promote the study of imaginative literature.

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Auditing helps you learn what you love without seeking credit toward a degree. Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into literature or language with world class scholars for the pleasure of learning, when you don’t need to earn credit through papers or exams?  Do you not currently hold a Bachelor’s degree but would like to enjoy our Master’s level course content? At Signum University, we have a range of auditing options

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Writer’s Forge is available to help anybody who wants to up their academic writing game, get feedback on their creative writing approaches, or talk through a particular project. This program is open to all members of the Signum community, including current M.A. or Graduate Diploma students, auditors, Path clientsSPACE explorers, and participants in any of our public programs like Signum Symposia or the Mythgard Academy. Members of the general public, too, are encouraged to hire a Wordsmith to assist them with revising academic, creative, personal, professional, and popular writing of all kinds.

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Signum Path helps people learn the skills often left out of their university education and on-the-job training. Our goal is to help organizations and individuals augment these indispensable job skills to increase operational efficiency, heighten team effectiveness, and contribute to business growth.