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  • Signum Academy: Promoting Highly Interactive Learning at Low Stakes for Kids and Teens

    By Bronwyn Rivera At Signum Academy, we believe in providing experiences for kids and teens to enjoy themselves and explore a range of ideas in the safety and flexibility of small online classrooms led by qualified teachers. Individual students and home-school co-ops enjoy Signum Academy. The Academy hosts four different clubs, where members can participate […]

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  • The Dark Chocolate of Lang & Lit: Introducing “Dark Academia” for Fall 2022

    By Bronwyn Rivera Class is in session on August 29th, and Signum University invites you to sink your teeth into “Dark Academia.” Hailed as an aesthetic and subcultural movement (and fondly dubbed #TheDarkChocolateofLangandLit in Signum circles), Dark Academia has rippled across many areas. From fashion to mood boards and music playlists to articles, the genre […]

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  • Writer’s Forge: great help and a promotional offer!

    Signum University’s Writer’s Forge service exists to help all writers–in any genre, at any stage of a project–to perfect their craft. Our caring, experienced Wordsmiths read your work carefully, provide attentive suggestions for revision, and work with you individually to shape your piece into something powerful, professional, clear, and compelling. Email us, we’ll match you […]

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  • Foundations Course Launches August 29th!

    Faith Acker, PhD. not only studies and publishes in the field of Renaissance literature and teaches Latin, she is Curriculum Coordinator for the Master of Arts program at Signum University. In this role, Faith keeps a weather eye on the total program, designing small and large ways to improve our learning opportunities. Faith invites us along […]

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  • Exciting News About Mythmoot IX: Remaking Myth 

    By Bronwyn Rivera. We are pleased to announce that from June 23-26, Mythmoot IX: Remaking Myth will be held at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott (located less than one mile from Dulles Airport in Virginia). All in-person attendees are required to register no later than Thursday, June 9th, and the venue will honor many food […]

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  • Writer’s Forge Embraces Expanded Mission

    Do you need an outside reader to check your writing? Experienced scholars, undergraduate beginners, engineers who find themselves writing grant proposals, and creative writers of all stripes can find professional, thorough writing coaches at Writer’s Forge. Whoever you are, from any institution or none at all, you are welcome to hire Signum University’s Wordsmiths for […]

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  • Six Months in SPACE!

    Celebrate with us six wonderful months of fun in Signum SPACE! When setting out on an academic expedition, learners can easily feel daunted by the countless areas of study there are to choose from. The SPACE program at Signum University is here to guide students through the vast academic frontier, providing opportunities to enjoy focused […]

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  • Summer ’22 Course Schedule

    We are pleased to announce that our Summer 2022 schedule is confirmed! These sections are pretty much locked in; we will only open new sections when/if enough new registrations come in. If you have any scheduling concerns please contact [email protected] or email the Curriculum Coordinator at [email protected] All times are listed in EDT, and don’t […]

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  • Mining through the Margins: Introducing Digital Text for Summer 2022 

    By Bronwyn Rivera.   Elves never grin. Not in Tolkien’s universe, anyway. Grinning is reserved for humans, hobbits, and orcs. The elves prefer to smile. Herman Melville prefaces his magnum opus, Moby Dick, with an etymological breakdown of the word “whale” in thirteen different languages. If you want to figure out how many times “tomorrow” […]

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  • A Community of Learners

    by Alexandria Miracola Have you been searching for an online university that provides a wide variety of opportunities to connect with fellow students? If so, we here at Signum University are pleased to report that your search has come to an end. Whether students hope to find community online or at in-person events (or a […]

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Open Events

  • Sunshine Moot March 18, 2023

    Sunshine Moot March 18, 2023

    Sunshine Moot will be held in Florida next spring. We look forward to seeing one and all at a literary and convivial gathering to explore the theme of Leadership Save the Date! More information will appear right here.

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  • Rings & Realms Finale

    Rings & Realms Finale

    Join us for a party of special magnificence! We invite you to join us as we gather to celebrate the last episode of Season 1 of The Rings of Power with much fellowship and fun. This event is limited to in person attendance only due to the nature of the

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  • New England Moot 2022

    New England Moot 2022

    Immersed in… We invite attendees and presenters to consider the many immersive experiences we encounter in art, literature, the study of language, and life.  When a character in a book is brought into a fully encompassing experience, how are they changed?  How can a work of art succeed or fail to wash over the participant? […]

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  • SoCal Moot 2022

    SoCal Moot 2022

    Subcreation: Blessed are the Legend-Makers The theme for SoCalMoot 2022 will be “Sub-Creation”, a topic which J.R.R. Tolkien explored both in his writings on Middle Earth (where the layers of creation stretch from Iluvatar to the Valar, to the mortal and immortal races), in the essay “On Fairy Stories”, and in his poem “Mythopoeia”, in […]

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  • MiddleMoot 2022

    MiddleMoot 2022

    Love and Understanding: Growing Wiser by Finding Unexpected Common Ground Welcome to MiddleMoot in Kansas City, Missouri! We will meet at Metropolitan Community College- Maplewood Campus. The event runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Register for MiddleMoot Health and Safety:  At this time, the venue does not require masks. We will update the event […]

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  • OzMoot


    We are happy to announce Ozmoot 2023, the very first Signum Regional Moot in Australasia! Announcements for keynote speakers and an event schedule will be released after the call for papers has closed. Tickets for on-site participation will be available ($50 US), as well as tickets to attend online ($25 US). All ticket holders will […]

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