SPACE logo is a golden compass on a field of stars.

The mission of the SPACE program is to provide numerous and varied opportunities for personal enrichment through learning. SPACE modules are designed to be academically serious but fun, focused purely on the love of learning and the joy of studying the material. SPACE provides fully online access to a serious but low-impact arena for learning, whether you are interested in building a systematic course of study or just pursuing eclectic interests.

Signum University believes in connecting learners with teachers, and with each other! SPACE modules, like all Signum classes, are based on real-time, online small-group discussion sessions. Our modules each last for one month and typically meet twice a week for an hour-long interaction under the direction of the module’s preceptor. Each module provides eight hours of class time.

If you have any questions about the SPACE program, please reach out to [email protected]

Learn more here or consult our Frequently Asked Questions document.

Embark today on your next learning adventure in SPACE!

Step 1: Purchase your tokens. Step 2: Choose your modules. Step 3: Wait for confirmation. Step 4: Enjoy class!

The Blackberry logo: the word Blackberry in a pretty calligraphy font surmounted by a buff drawn rabbit couchant with dark ear-tips as the character in Watership Down is described.

Blackberry is our enrollment and tracking system for SPACE. All token purchases, course registration, and candidate voting now occurs through Blackberry, so please remember to sign up.

In Blackberry, you can:

Step 1: Purchase Your Tokens

SPACE Tokens are each redeemable for participation in one SPACE moduleSimply open the Blackberry registration system to purchase. SPACE Tokens never expire; you can use them whenever you like, and you can even give them away to friends!

If you would like to make a gift of one or more SPACE Tokens, first make your token purchase through Blackberry and then complete our Gift Form to let us know to whom you would like to gift the tokens.








Total Price







Price Per Token







Step 2: Choose Your Modules

  • Enroll in Confirmed Modules: definitely running next month, and you can choose a Confirmed module right up until classes start.
  • or Vote for a Candidate: offered for the month after that, will run if at least four students support it. The decision will be shared on about the 7th of the month before it runs.
  • or Hang on to your Tokens and check out the Directory. The Communications Center will keep you updated!

Confirmed Modules for June 2023

Note: All listed times are in Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

June Confirmed List:




Weekly Schedule at a glance for those confirmed May in yellow and on the second page, candidate June modules will be added shortly.

Step 3: Wait for Confirmation

  • If you chose a Confirmed module, the Communication Center will affirm your registration and put you in touch with your preceptor
  • If you chose a Candidate module, you will hear by about the seventh of the month before it runs whether your chosen module received enough registrations and has become Confirmed.  If it did not, you can choose one that did become Confirmed or hang on to your Token.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Class!

While you’re waiting for Step 4, we offer enhanced daydreaming as you imagine what you’ll explore next in SPACE!