Upcoming Courses

Future Courses

In an effort to help students better plan their course loads as they work toward an M.A. in Language and Literature or a Graduate Diploma in Language and Literature, we are providing a preliminary list of courses for the upcoming academic year on this page.

Please note that this list is subject to change and may not reflect the final course offerings for any given semester. See all of our classes or our course archive for more information about current and past classes. You can also see our list of courses eligible for Anytime Audits.

Fall 2024 Courses (Term begins August 26, 2024)

Foundations in Critical Reading & ResearchDr. Faith AckerFlex
Lewis & TolkienDr. Corey OlsenFlex
Beowulf in Old EnglishDr. Paul Peterson & Dr. Nelson GoeringLive
The Meaning of Star Wars (**On Demand**)Dr. Amy H. SturgisFlex

Spring 2025 Courses (Term begins January 13, 2025)

Coming soon!

Courses in Development (titles and dates TBC)

Tolkien and MedievalismDr. Anna SmolLive
Harry Potter in a Modern ContextDr. Maggie ParkeLive
Tolkien & ScienceDr. Kristine LarsenLive
Icelandic SagasDr. Paul PetersonDr. Nelson Goering & Dr. Carl Edlund AndersonLive
Narnia and the Art of WorldbuildingDr. Brenton DickiesonLive
Revised Latin course cycleTBCLive

Looking for more information about upcoming classes? Contact our Student Support Team.