James K. Tauber


James K. Tauber is a philologist, linguist, and software developer who works with scholars around the world using computers to better understand languages and texts.

James is the founder and CEO of Eldarion, a web application development company focused on open source, online education, data science, and humanities. As a scholar he primarily works on corpus-driven historical language learning. He also heads up the Digital Tolkien Project.

James has a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics from the University of Western Australia, a Postgraduate Diploma in Ancient Greek from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, a Certificate in Germanic Philology from Signum University, a Certificate in Educational Research Methodology from the University of Illinois Chicago, a Professional Certificate in Music Theory and Composition from Berklee Online, and a Higher Education Teaching Certificate from the Harvard-Bok Center for Teaching & Learning. He is currently pursuing graduate study in Corpus Linguistics at Lancaster University and Classics at the University of Exeter.

James is a Fellow of the Python Software Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Originally from Australia, he now lives in the Boston area where he collects books and wine.

Learn more about James at jtauber.com.

This black and white photo of James Tauber does not dim the spark in his eyes. His glasses do not dim it. We are not distracted by his casual black attire. It's the eyes. They are mirrors. Do you need a challenge? Do you need to hear that you can do something you've never tried? Look into those mirrors. Really. You'll be able to pull your gaze away any time now.