Auditing helps you learn what you love without seeking credit toward a degree.

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into literature or language with world-class scholars for the pleasure of learning, but you don’t need to earn credit with papers or exams? 

Do you not currently hold a Bachelor’s degree but would like to enjoy our Master’s level course content? 

At Signum University, we have a range of auditing options:

  • In Live current 12-week courses, Premiere Auditors can attend live lectures and participate in the discussion board.
  • In Live and Flex current 12-week courses, Discussion Auditors can enjoy lectures (live or pre-recorded), participate in the discussion board, and engage in lively group discussion meetings.
  • In Past courses, Anytime Auditors can enjoy pre-recorded lectures and participate in the discussion board entirely on their own schedule.

Auditor Registration

Use the links below to start your audit registration.

Not sure what your audit options are? Scroll down to learn more!

Discussion and Premiere Auditors

Enroll in upcoming Live or Flex courses.

Anytime Auditors

Use this form to enroll as an Anytime Auditor in any eligible course.

Audit Options

As an auditor, you have three options from which to choose.

Premiere Audit


per course

As a Premiere Auditor, you will be able to participate in live lectures during the first run of a new course – just like attending a movie premiere (but better)!

Discussion Audit


per course

Discussion Auditors receive full access to a current course, including the ability to attend weekly live discussion groups with credit students and other discussion auditors.

Anytime Audit

$95 or less

per course

Available shortly after the first run of a course, Anytime Auditing lets you learn asynchronously at your own pace through access to recorded lectures, class materials, and a discussion forum. December 2022 Sale!

Anytime Audit Bulk Pricing

Enroll in more than one course as an Anytime Auditor and save!

1 Anytime Audit Course$95
2 Anytime Audit Courses$180 (save $10)
3 Anytime Audit Courses$255 (save $30)
4 Anytime Audit Courses$320 (save $60)
5 Anytime Audit Courses$375 (save $100)

Bulk pricing applies only to Anytime Audit course enrollments purchased at the same time.
It may take up to 5 days to complete the registration process.

You can also choose to give an Anytime Audit Gift Certificate at that “Enroll” link!

Auditor Access Details

The table below provides details about auditing a class at Signum University.

Discussion GroupsAttend a weekly discussion group, along with credit students and other discussion auditors. These groups are facilitated by a preceptor experienced in the course topic.Yes
Live LecturesDuring the first run of a class, join the live lectures through our interactive digital classroom interface, which allows you to ask questions and address comments directly to the lecturer.YesYes
Lecture ArchivesDownload lectures in both audio and video formats from the classroom archive. Many of our professors make their presentations/lecture notes available for download as well.YesYesYes
Class ForumsExchange ideas with credit students and auditors enrolled in your instance of the course through a class forum. YesYesYes
Course MaterialsDownload supplementary materials, including additional readings and other resources, to gain even more insight about the course subject.YesYesYes
Cost*For access to a single course. See above for Anytime Audit bulk pricing.$475$175$95

To get started with auditing a class, simply choose which course you want to take from our catalog and then select the appropriate link to register.