Graduate Programs

Signum University offers two programs: the Master’s Degree in Language and Literature and the Graduate Diploma.

M.A. in Language and Literature

The Master’s Degree in Language and Literature combines two often separated disciplines into one unique and rigorous program of study, enabling students to explore how the development of language and literature inform one another.

Graduate Diploma

Signum’s Graduate Diploma Program is ideal for those who love to learn, but don’t need a master’s degree. Students in our diploma program take the same courses as students in our M.A. in Language and Literature. The graduate diploma only requires 15 credit hours, and there is no thesis requirement.

Institutional Goals and Outcomes

Institutional Goals

  • To equip our students to discover new approaches to humanities topics through interdisciplinary study.
  • To foster in our students and community members the ability to enjoy, research, and discuss humanities subjects in meaningful ways, bringing depth and creativity to ongoing scholarly conversations.
  • To encourage our students and community members to connect with other scholars and creatives in their specific fields of interest.
  • To use technology to bring scholars and creatives together in a globally accessible humanities community. 

Institutional Outcomes

  • Maintain a globally accessible humanities community.
  • Allow students to pursue the level of rigor appropriate to their own personal goals by offering both rigorous for-credit coursework and more casual continuing education opportunities.  
  • Limit institutional and student debt.