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The generosity of our donors helps us to continue to make great education affordable and available all around the world as well as helping us to bring great books, videos, and audio content to life. By joining our family of recurring donors, you are ensuring that Signum will be supported the whole year through. We are so grateful!

Your gift to Signum helps us pay for necessities like

  • First and foremost: Salaries for the hard-working staff and faculty who make Signum’s programs possible!
  • Essential software that enables Signum’s systems to operate and our people to communicate
  • Library resources for our students
  • Website hosting services
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  • …and much more!

These necessities, in turn, make it possible for our students to take classes in subjects they love, our Mythgard participants to enjoy the hundreds hours of free content we broadcast every year, and our readers and viewers to take in the books and films that Signum’s Press and Studios have even now under production.

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