Regional Moots

  • Sunshine Moot March 18, 2023

    Sunshine Moot March 18, 2023

    Welcome to Florida, friends! Leadership “A successful leader often combines courage, resolve, intelligence, intuition, persuasion, and physical ability. Often these qualities are accompanied by pride, entitlement, impetuousness, and a “fatal flaw” — yet a leader is also called to demonstrate humility, self-sacrifice, and regard for others. It’s a tall order. How are these qualities brought […]

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  • SoCal Moot 2022

    SoCal Moot 2022

    Subcreation: Blessed are the Legend-Makers The theme for SoCalMoot 2022 will be “Sub-Creation”, a topic which J.R.R. Tolkien explored both in his writings on Middle Earth (where the layers of creation stretch from Iluvatar to the Valar, to the mortal and immortal races), in the essay “On Fairy Stories”, and in his poem “Mythopoeia”, in […]

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  • OzMoot


    We are happy to announce Ozmoot 2023, the very first Signum Regional Moot in Australasia! Announcements for keynote speakers and an event schedule will be released after the call for papers has closed. Tickets for on-site participation will be available ($50 US), as well as tickets to attend online ($25 US). All ticket holders will […]

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