Sara Brown

Dr. Sara Brown

Sara Brown

Faculty Representative to the Board; Language and Literature Department Chair; M.A. Thesis Coordinator; Lecturer; Preceptor

Sara Brown, Chair of Signum's Language & Literature Department, has a Masters degree in International History from the London School of Economics and completed her Ph.D. in Literature at Salford University.

Sara Brown PhD MSc(Econ) serves Signum University as Language & Literature Department Chair and Thesis Coordinator for the MA Program.  She is a Lecturer and Preceptor within the Language and Literature faculty and has served as an Elected Faculty Member on the Board. Sara also teaches on the Signum Path Program.

Sara Brown lives in North Wales, UK. She was an English teacher, teaching ungrateful teenagers, for over twenty-five years but recently gave this up to work full time for Signum University. She has been with Signum since 2012, working on courses that have included ‘Modern Fantasy’ with Corey Olsen, ‘Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth’ with Verlyn Flieger, ‘Roots of the Mountain’ with Doug Anderson, ‘Cultural Studies and Audience Reception of The Lord of the Rings with Robin Reid and ‘Celtic Myth in Children’s Fantasy’ with Dimitra Fimi. In 2017 Sara presented her own 12-week lecture series entitled ‘Tolkien in Context: Middle-earth as a Roadmap to Twentieth-Century Anxieties’, which explored Tolkien’s writing as a response to modernity.

Besides her BA (Hons) in English and History, Sara has an MSc in International History, Politics & Economics from the London School of Economics, for which she wrote a thesis on The Problem of the Gold Standard in International Politics and Economics in the Nineteenth Century. She completed her Ph.D. in Literature at Salford University in 2013. Entitled From Abjection to Alchemy in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth Legendarium, the thesis explores the way in which Tolkien was responding to the anxieties of the post-war world in the mid twentieth century, drawing on (amongst others) the theories of Julia Kristeva and Donna Haraway. She believes it’s a real page-turner. Sara has given a number of lectures at various conferences on the topics of Tolkien, fantasy fiction, and fandom, and is regularly seen at Tolkien Society events in the UK. She currently serves on the editorial board of Mallorn, the academic journal of the Tolkien Society. Sara is also co-presenter on the Tolkien Society Award-winning podcast, The Tolkien Experience. Her research interests are primarily in Tolkien Studies. She has been a member of the Faculty since Spring 2012.

Upcoming Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
LITZ 5302 Foundations in Critical Reading and Research 12 weeks August 29, 2022
LITE 5301 Dark Academia 12 weeks August 29, 2022
LITD 5305 Shakespeare and the Middle Ages 12 Weeks August 29, 2022

Other Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
LITB 5303 The Dystopian Tradition 12 Weeks May 2, 2022
LITA 5314 Tolkien in Context 12 weeks May 2, 2022
LITA 5306 Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth 12 Weeks January 10, 2022
LITA 5305 The Story of the Hobbit 12 Weeks August 30, 2021
LITD 5306 The Life and Times of the English Epic 12 Weeks August 30, 2021
LITA 5316 Ursula K. Le Guin: Worldbuilder 12 weeks August 30, 2021
LITB 5311 Exploring Star Trek 12 weeks May 10, 2021
LITA 5311 Tolkien’s Poetry 12 Weeks May 3, 2021
LITB 5304 Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination 12 Weeks January 11, 2021
LITC 5301 Tolkien & Tradition 12 Weeks January 11, 2021
LITA 5315 The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien 12 weeks August 31, 2020
LITB 5310 The Meaning of Star Wars 12 weeks May 4, 2020
LITA 5313 Modern Fantasy II 12 Weeks January 13, 2020
LITA 5310 Roots of the Mountain 12 Weeks August 25, 2014

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
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Thesis Theater: Taylor Johnson Guinan, “Only in Dying Life: Ventures into the Land of the Dead in Children’s Fantasy Literature” -2731 Weeks May 7, 2022
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Spring Courses 2022 Preview 15 Weeks January 4, 2022
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