Departments: Writer’s Forge

  • Wes is a man of European descent whose bespectacled countenance is smiling with a gentle welcome. He sports a fine beard and moustache and his green open-necked button shirt suggests that he was just cozily reading some delicious novel and got swept away into the world. losing track of time itself.

    Wesley Schantz

    Experience tutoring at the writing center at Washington College and as the Graduate Writing Assistant at St John’s College, Annapolis. Currently teaching at The Community School in Spokane, WA.

  • Jennifer Rogers is outstanding in her field — literally — with a split rail fence in the background and deciduous woods beyond that. This scholar of European and Hispanic ancestry has a wide, welcoming smile which is reflected in her eyes. She has chosen a rich blue top and wears her dark hair flowing freely.

    Jennifer Rogers

    Jennifer Rogers is a literature teacher and lover of all things medieval, philological, and Inklings. She earned her M.A. at Signum University and enjoys precepting SPACE modules and wordsmithing at Writer’s Forge. Jenn resides at the northern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family and 40-odd head of cattle.