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This page lists all of the language classes currently available in the Signum University course catalog. Note that only some of these classes are offered each semester. For a list of classes being offered in upcoming semesters, see the Future Courses page.

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  • Beowulf in Old English

    Beowulf in Old English

    This intensive, seminar-style class will give students an opportunity to practice translating the Old English language and to become intimately familiar with the Beowulf text.

  • Digital Text

    Digital Text

    This course is an introduction to developing and working with texts electronically, particularly literary and historical language texts.

  • Eddic Poetry in Old Norse

    Eddic Poetry in Old Norse

    This course focuses on reading selections from this poetic literature in Old Norse, providing students with the opportunity practice their skills in translating the Old Norse language.

  • Elementary Latin I

    Elementary Latin I

    Elementary Latin I is an intensive course designed to introduce you to the basic elements of the Latin language.

  • Elementary Latin II

    Elementary Latin II

    The second semester of Elementary Latin completes the introduction to the basic elements of the Latin language, emphasizing the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

  • Introduction to Germanic Philology I

    Introduction to Germanic Philology I

    This class offers a survey of the older Germanic languages (especially Gothic, Old Norse, and Old English), and the literatures written in those languages.

  • Introduction to Germanic Philology II

    Introduction to Germanic Philology II

    This class provides an introduction to Germanic comparative philology in a broad sense. Students are not expected to have prior familiarity with any language other than modern English.

  • Introduction to Old English

    Introduction to Old English

    This course provides an introduction to Old English grammar, giving students a working reading competency in the language and the chance to put that knowledge into practice.

  • Introduction to Old Norse

    Introduction to Old Norse

    The first half of this course provides a focus on Old Icelandic grammar, and the second half allows students to begin reading from a selection of Old Icelandic prose and poetic texts.

  • Introduction to the Gothic Language

    Introduction to the Gothic Language

    This course will introduce students to the basics of the Gothic language and grammar and set the language within its historical and literary context.

  • Language Invention Through Tolkien

    Language Invention Through Tolkien

    This course will explore language invention through the works of the greatest and most prolific inventors of language for fictional works and world building – J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • Old Saxon: Heliand and Genesis

    Old Saxon: Heliand and Genesis

    Read and translate the major works of Old Saxon literature in this language seminar.

  • Philology Through Tolkien

    Philology Through Tolkien

    This course uses the life and works of Tolkien as an introduction to the discipline of comparative philology and to highlight the many links between this field and his creative writings. The course offers an introductory overview of several Germanic languages and their literatures, such as Gothic, Old and Middle English, and Old Norse, and…