Our passion is to make high-quality secondary education affordable for all who love to learn.

One of the most difficult aspects of receiving a college education today is dealing with the cost. Even those students who receive financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and loans can often be left holding mountains of debt after they graduate, with immediate pressure to start paying it off.

At Signum University, we never want the cost of education to be a barrier to learning. With that goal in mind, we work hard to keep tuition prices low by:

  • Using cutting-edge online technologies that scale to accommodate most class sizes
  • Eliminating the hefty administrative and maintenance costs associated with traditional universities with physical campuses
  • Relying on the support of generous donors to pay for the bulk of our infrastructural expenses

In addition, our Stewardship Team is always looking for ways to create even more efficient and cost-effective processes to deliver a first-rate educational experience.

Course-Related Costs

For students and auditors, there are two primary costs related to taking classes at Signum University: tuition and required materials (primarily texts).


The tuition paid for each course taken is the largest cost involved. Signum takes prides in the fact that the vast majority of tuition paid by students and auditors goes toward faculty salaries. This allows us to offer students an opportunity to learn from world-class scholars and recognized experts in their fields, at a fraction of the cost for a similar course at a traditional institution.

Tuition for the various levels of enrollment we offer is as follows:

Signum University Tuition
Enrollment Level Cost per Course
M.A. student1 $575
Discussion Auditor2  $425
Premiere Auditor $175
Anytime Auditor $95 or less3

  1. There is a one-time application fee of $25 to apply for our graduate program.
  2. Discussion Auditor enrollment is available only for selected courses.
  3. Anytime Audit bulk pricing is available for multiple enrollments at the same time. See the Audit a Class page for details.

Books and Required Materials

As with any university course, most Signum classes require students to obtain books and, occasionally, other required materials. The costs for these materials can vary from class to class. Texts that students are required to obtain are listed on the catalog page for the course, so that students know ahead of time what materials they may need to purchase.

In general, there are several ways that we keep down the costs of books and other materials:

  • Certain required readings (such as short texts or excerpts) are provided as downloads on the course page in our digital campus.
  • The Signum Library offers active students access to selected materials through sources such as Project MUSE for class and research purposes.
  • When possible, professors will often provide links to where the text may be legally obtained online freely or for little expense.

To help keep down costs, students are also encouraged to find alternatives to purchasing books for their course, such as borrowing from a library or exchanging texts with friends who have the required book already.

In addition, some courses may have suggested texts or materials, which are not required but may provide additional insight or supplementary information about the course topic. These texts will be clearly marked as optional, and students should exercise discretion with regard to their personal finances before purchasing them.

Financial Assistance

At this time, Signum University does not have any scholarship, grant, or loan programs to make available to students.

However, one way that we can offer assistance to students is through our work-study program, which offers tuition remission in exchange for part time work on the Signum administrative team. If you are interested in participating in the work-study program, send an email to info@signumuniversity.org or use our contact form.