Signum’s academic departments offer degree courses and free educational events.

Our academic programs are the heart of Signum University’s educational offering. Although small, our academic departments are composed of world-class faculty and staff dedicated to creating a top-notch online learning environment.

The Language & Literature Department oversees Signum University’s academic affairs by planning and offering relevant courses and working with faculty to ensure the best education possible. The primary degree offered by the Department is the Master of Arts in Language & Literature.

The Mythgard Institute is a center that focuses on the study of speculative fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and much more. As an outreach activity of our Language & Literature Department, the Mythgard Institute offers free online seminars open to the public, organizes academic conferences, and engages with the broader online educational community.

The Signum University Library aims to be a useful research and resource repository for our students, auditors, and the academic community at large. While some resources are limited to student and auditor access, such as the Project Muse Humanities Collection, the Signum Library provides a number of additional research guides and links to free online resources that can be used by anyone, anywhere.