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  • Creative Writing Program Opens

    Have you ever dreamed of being an author?  Or wondered what it takes to write a great story? Then Signum University’s new Creative Writing program is for you.  Enroll today to take part in an intensive, 5-week seminar that will use great short stories from your favorite authors for developing your own work. Lecturer Benjamin […]

  • Elementary Latin II, Lecture 1

    Curious about Dr. Philip Walsh’s follow up Latin language course?  You’re in luck!  Elementary Latin II‘s entire first lecture is now available for viewing, right here: If you’d like to dig even deeper into this storied language and bolster your reading comprehension, you’re in luck! You can still register to take the course as either […]

  • President Olsen Talks Signum at TEDx

    On June 30th, Dr. Corey Olsen presented a talk entitled “Down the Hobbit Hole: Finding Connection in Online Learning” at TEDxChesterRiver.  His session covered his own journey from traditional classroom teacher to online media publisher to fully interactive, web-based instructor.  In so doing, it also covered the founding of both Signum University and its partner […]

  • Announcing Fall 2012 Courses

    This summer, join Signum University – and Mythgard Institute, our partner in learning – as we embark on three intriguing course offerings.  The wonderful Dr. Amy H. Sturgis – of StarShipSofa fame – is back with the first half of a two semester tour of 200 years of Science Fiction literature.  Dr. Corey Olsen, our president and The […]

  • Hear Student Voices

    Curious what it’s like to be a student at Signum University? We’ve started a Student Voices section that will share real broadcasts from our currently enrolled students.  We also hope to feature Student Spotlight stories so you can get to know your classmates – current or future – and get a sense of who takes […]