Announcing Anytime Audits

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Signum University is proud to announce a new feature: Anytime Auditing!

This is a brand new way of allowing people to access to our graduate-level courses whenever they like.  For those of you who have been around for a while, this replaces the old Course Pack system – and is even better!

Anytime Auditors will be added to a special section of our Digital Campus where they will have access to:

  • The lecture archives of the course(s) in which they have enrolled;
  • Class readings and handouts; and
  • A forum for asynchronous discussion among other anytime auditors.

The tuition is $95 per course, with bulk discounts when you enroll in multiple Anytime Audit courses at the same time.

Selected Courses Available – More Coming Soon

The launch of Anytime Audits comes with a handful of courses ready for enrollment immediately. These include:

To enroll as an Anytime Auditor in any of these courses, simply visit the course page and choose “Anytime Audit.” Or you can access the Anytime Audit registration form here.

Throughout the summer, additional courses will become available for Anytime Auditing until nearly our full catalog of courses will be available. You can learn more about Anytime Auditing and see an updated list of eligible courses on our Audit a Class page.

Courses Not Available for Anytime Audit

While we do want to give as much access as possible to people who want to learn what they love, note that there are a few limitations on what we offer for Anytime Auditing. These limitations include:

Live Courses – Any of our brand new Live courses will be excluded from Anytime Auditing until after they complete a full session. However, we will make them available for Anytime Auditing as soon as possible after the first semester they are offered.

Thesis Courses – Our thesis courses will remain available only to our MA students who have completed the requirements to enroll in those courses.

Discontinued Courses – From time to time, Signum University may elect to discontinue a class altogether. These courses will not be available for Anytime Auditing.

Enroll in an Anytime Audit Class Now!

We know that a lot of people have expressed interest in accessing our courses in a manner outside of the regular semester schedule, and the launch of Anytime Audits is designed to meet that need. We have taken care to make sure that our courses are accessible to anyone who wants to learn what they love at their own pace.

Have questions about Anytime Auditing or another of our enrollment options? Contact us!