Whether you need a hand beginning to explore a topic for a class or are delving into a long-time research interest, we hope you’ll take the time to explore the research guides below! In each, you will find tools to help you locate resources to further your research, although they are by no means exhaustive. We’d love to hear if you know of another good resource we should consider adding to any of our existing guides! And if we haven’t covered your research interest in our current guides, let us know; these guides are made for you. We can be contacted at librarian@signumuniversity.org. Happy researching!

Open Access & Library Resources

This guide includes general tools to help you locate resources to further your research and understand ways to access them.

Creative Writing

This guide includes tools to aid in the creative writing process, including resources for research, writing exercises, and finding the right word, on revision & editing and writers’ organizations and on residencies & fellowships and submission to contests or for publication, as well as a list of literary magazines.

Early Modern Literature

This guide includes tools for research on Early Modern Literature in general, as well as more specialized topics like Shakespeare and Milton.

Fantasy Literature

This guide includes tools for research on Fantasy in general & Modern Fantasy, Harry Potter, J.R.R. Tolkien or any of the other Inklings.

Language & Philology

This guide includes tools for the learning of and research in philology and languages including Latin, Old and Middle English, Old Norse, as well as Celtic, Gothic, and invented languages.

Medieval Literature

This guide includes tools for research on Medieval literature in general, as well as more specialized topics like the legends of King Arthur or Beowulf, or the work of Chaucer.


This guide includes tools for research on Mythology in general.

Science Fiction

This guide includes tools for research on the Science Fiction genre in general; the related genres of Detective, Dystopian and Gothic fiction; and specific authors and stories, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, and Star Wars.