Signum Digital Collections

Signum Digital Collections provides access to various materials created and collected by Signum University and its sister institution, the Mythgard Institute. At this time, access is available to Mythmoot‘s conference proceedings below, as well as to our Signum graduates’ thesis theaters and abstracts.


Mythmoot is a conference both for and by academics and fans, studying and celebrating fantasy and science fiction media in innovative and exciting ways. Proceedings from the original conference held in 2012 are not available, but proceedings from the following conferences can be found below.

Master’s Theses Showcase

The theses in this collection have been completed as part of Signum University’s Master’s of Language & Literature degree. While most of the abstracts are openly available, the full text of most theses are available only to current Signum students, faculty and staff by means currently under construction. Signum students are also required to present their thesis to the Signum community as part of a Signum Symposia series on Youtube; these talks are also linked in each thesis record.