Corey Olsen, PhD, launches The Tolkien Professor podcast, taking in-depth academic discussions of Tolkien’s work — and other speculative fiction — to a worldwide audience.


Signum’s MA Program offers its first credit course in the fall.


Signum offers Elementary Latin I, its first language course.


Academic luminaries such as Verlyn Flieger, Amy Sturgis, and Tom Shippey bring their excellence to the Signum University course offerings.


Signum University introduces Flex courses, and launches our Certificate Program.


Signum University moves to New Hampshire, where it undergoes comprehensive evaluation by the Department of Education of NH, who recommends our approval by the Higher Education Commission.


The State of New Hampshire Higher Education Commission unanimously votes to approve Signum’s MA and Certificate programs.


The Signum Path program opens its doors as a skills-focused program to shape careers and companies.


Signum Academy Clubs begin, offering a variety of extracurricular educational activities for young people.  The program is approved by the State of New Hampshire for the Learn Everywhere initiative.

The State of New Hampshire legislature votes to authorize Signum University to grant the Master’s degree in May.  Governor Sununu signs this bill into law in July.