Signum Academy Clubs Approved for New Hampshire’s Learn Everywhere Program

Students enjoying Signum Academy Clubs

We are extremely happy to announce that Signum Academy has been approved to participate in the New Hampshire Department of Education’s new Learn Everywhere program. This program allows New Hampshire high-school students to earn graduation credit through extracurricular programs like Signum Academy Clubs.

Specifically, students can join our Signum Academy Clubs to earn certificates in English, creative writing, or a language. These certificates can then be submitted to their high school in New Hampshire for credit toward graduation requirements.

Extending Access to Language and Literature Programs

Schools are facing many struggles these days, from remote learning obstacles to budget cuts that have forced the cancellation of language arts programs. These problems are affecting school-age children in many ways, and it’s clear that alternative solutions are needed to help bridge the gap.

The impetus behind the New Hampshire Learn Everywhere program is to give students credit for the things they do outside of school. Learning doesn’t just happen during school hours, and students who participate in extracurricular activities should be able to apply their knowledge and experience toward meeting their educational requirements.

This is where Signum Academy Clubs come in. Building on the success of former programs, such as our Summer Reading Camps, our clubs offer a fun, interactive, and supportive environment in which children can develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills — among others — that will help them for the rest of their lives.

As the first language-arts program to be approved by the New Hampshire Board of Education for the Learn Everywhere initiative, the Signum Academy Clubs program extends learning options for students in underserved areas. Through our low-cost distance learning software, we can offer students the opportunity to learn languages and study literature that might not be available at their school.

Signum Academy Clubs Starting in February

We will be opening the first Signum Academy Clubs in February for all students, not just those in New Hampshire! Clubs will be available for school-age children from 3rd – 12th grades (though only high schoolers in New Hampshire will be able to submit their certificates for graduation credit).

To learn more about the clubs we offer and how they can benefit your child, visit the individual club pages listed below:

Parents who are interested in enrolling their child or who have questions should email [email protected].