Your Invitation to Epic Fantasy in Everyday Living: Ursula K. Le Guin: Worldbuilder

From fantastical creatures, to unraveling the mysteries of time travel, to the classic Hero’s Journey, fantasy and science fiction are constantly being defined and redefined by reader and writer alike. Rather than striving for global-scale wars and high word counts, Ursula K. Le Guin chose to write about small, everyday people in small, everyday villages, […]

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Graduation Day 2021

On June 26th, Magistra of Ceremonies, Professor Sørina Higgins, welcomed one and all “whether you are on site in Virginia or off-site beaming in from places all over the planet.” University president Corey Olsen led the procession of faculty, advisors, and graduates, accompanied by the triumphal “Throne Room” music from Star Wars: A New Hope.  […]

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Signum University Coronavirus and COVID-19 Response

Signum University is fortunate to be one of the few organizations that has been largely unaffected by the increasing interruption in daily life for many individuals, companies, and governments. Given that all of our classes and regular activities are online, our students, staff, and faculty are able to operate, for the most part, in a […]

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Many Mootings: 2019 New Regional Moots and More!

Last fall during our Annual Fund campaign, Dr. Corey Olsen announced four new regional moots that Signum and the Mythgard Institute would be launching in 2019. As it happens, we now have details – and registration links! – for the first two of those moots available for those who might want to attend. Sunshine Moot […]

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Announcing Fall 2017 Registration Opening & Tuition Changes

Signum University is pleased to announce that registration for the Fall 2017 semester is now open. You can access the registration form directly, or select the “Register for Fall 2017” button on any of the individual course pages being offered in the upcoming semester. This fall, we are offering seven courses for credit in our MA […]

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An Evening with Jef “The Wizard” Murray

Interview with Brandon Young As a critically acclaimed and internationally-known artist, illustrator, and storyteller Jef Murray wears many hats. His illustrations of the characters and scenes we find in Tolkien, Lewis, and George MacDonald have a capacity for capturing the ineffable. This is why I like to call him, simply, The Wizard. For he is a Wizard, […]

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