Graduation Day 2021

On June 26th, Magistra of Ceremonies, Professor Sørina Higgins, welcomed one and all “whether you are on site in Virginia or off-site beaming in from places all over the planet.”

University president Corey Olsen led the procession of faculty, advisors, and graduates, accompanied by the triumphal “Throne Room” music from Star Wars: A New Hope.  Dr. Olsen’s gracious welcome expressed his excitement about the graduates’ intellectual curiosity.  He lifted up Signum University’s pre-eminence in online education, so ably demonstrated by this hybrid event in which on-site participants sat side-by-side with the screen from which off-site participants’ webcam images smiled.

Signum Advisor Sharon Hoff spoke on behalf of the whole community, expressing thanks to the spouses, partners, supporters, coaches, and cheerleaders who had stood by the graduates on their journey.

Each graduate was recognized by their thesis director with words of pride and praise for their work:

Gwen Grant

Chris Hawkins

Alexis Heit

Jens Hieber

Mark Lachniet

Corey Olsen stood for the Signum tradition of the Giving of Quests.  This year’s class was enjoined: pursue curiosity, creativity, and imagination as you move forward and encourage that kind of learning wherever they find themselves as they continue engaging in our community and other communities around the world.

Graduates Mark Lachniet and Alexis Heit raised toasts to everybody who makes this community work, to Mythgard, to Professor Corey Olsen for making a personalized education possible, and to the family of friends who have found more than education here.

Merriment, mead, and cake followed.

Our heartfelt pride and congratulations to the Signum University Class of 2021!