Sharon Hoff

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Sharon serves as Signum’s Doorward, a rather rarified and yet suitably Tolkienian title for our general factotum. As the first point of contact for Signum, she helps direct traffic and does her best to get things done behind the scenes. You can expect a willing and helpful reply when you contact her.

As part of the Student Support team, Sharon is the dedicated Signum Advisor to a number of our students. In conjunction with her Doorward position, she likely to be the first point of contact for most of our students when they have questions or need assistance. She will either be able to provide solutions immediately, or set the wheels in motion. Sharon is very happy to assist all of our students, both those in our MA program and our auditors, to have the best experience Signum can offer. Please do not hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns.

Sharon also leads Signum’s Outreach division, overseeing and facilitating communication between the Outreach team members to promote Signum to the outside world, spreading the word about who we are and reaching out to the people who may become our future students and supporters.

Sharon has participated in Corey’s podcasts since the early Tolkien Professor days and has been a dedicated auditor of Signum’s courses. She holds a BS in Child Development and spent the early part of her working career with pre-schoolers. Thus, her font of patience is deep. Her willingness to engage with Signum’s students from all corners of the world and from all walks of life and her desire to see Signum develop and grow is firmly rooted in her love of good literature and commitment to the goals of Signum University.

Sharon's huge professional responsibilites and skills did not prepare us for a wide smile, flowing red hair, and hands tucked into blue-jeans pockets. She's clearly a roll-up-the-sleeves and let's get it done together type of woman. She's got European ancestry and cheery red cheeks. We suspect that this photo was taken in her beloved outdoors!