Auditing lets you learn what you love without needing to write papers or take tests.

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into literature or learn a new language, but you don’t have the time necessary to write papers and study for exams? Maybe you have no particular need to earn a graduate degree, but you enjoy learning just for the fun of it.

Auditing a class at Signum University offers you the opportunity to learn from world-class scholars on the topics that interest you most.

New Auditors

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New Auditors  

Existing Auditors

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Auditor Registration  

* Existing auditors include anyone who has registered for a Signum class at any level in Spring 2017 or later.

Auditor Levels

As an auditor, you have two levels from which to choose.

Standard Auditor

per course

As an auditor you have access to live lectures, student discussion forums, and all downloadable course materials (including lecture recordings).

Discussion Auditor

per course

As a discussion auditor, you receive the same access as an auditor, plus weekly discussion groups with enrolled students and discussion auditors.

Auditor Access Details

If you audit a class at Signum University, you will have access to all of the following features.

Auditor Access
Live Lectures Each week, the class professor will give two live lectures through our interactive digital classroom interface, which allows you to ask questions and address comments to the professor.
Lecture Archives Did you miss a lecture? No worries! When you audit a class you will also have access to the class recording archive, which lets you download the lecture in both audio and video formats. Many professors also make their presentations/lecture notes available for download as well.
Discussion Forums You will have access to a class discussion board that will let you exchange ideas with all of the other students and auditors who are taking the course as well. You will also have access to the Signum University Student Lounge forum where you can connect with students and auditors in other classes.
Course Materials Supplementary materials, including additional readings and other resources, will be available from the secure class page, giving you even more information about the course subject to broaden your studies.
Discussion Groups
(Discussion auditors only) You will also be able to attend a weekly discussion group, along with enrolled students and other discussion auditors. These groups will be facilitated by a preceptor experienced in the course topic.

Audit a Class Today!

To get started with auditing a class, simply choose which course(s) you want to take from our catalog and choose “Auditor” or “Discussion Auditor” when you register.