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  • On a field of snow, white flowers in a vase with greens and a single red rose propre.

    Learn What You Love!

    We’re not here for chocolates, cards, and romance.  What about the Big Three: Philosophy, the love of wisdom,  Philology, the love of words, and Philomathy, the love of learning? A family takes Latin SPACE courses together.  A Master’s program student invited his mum to join him in a Germanic Philology course — and now she’s […]

  • Laurel Stevens partially hidden behind a book. She's in a library in front of a wealth of other books and she's lovingly clutching one with an old-looking binding, as if she is getting Old Book Fumes. She's peeking over the top of the beautiful cover and looking off to the right, as though to be sure no one is catching her!

    Innovative Library for the New Millennium

    by Alexandria Miracola.    Book lovers the world over know the particular sense of wonder that can only captivate a person as they walk through the doors of a library. Whole worlds of knowledge await them, and they are the adventurer tasked with uncovering these hidden treasures. While one could understandably assume removing the physical […]

  • Gabriel Schenk's endearing asymmetrical smile belies the razor sharp mind behind the man raised in the airs of Oxford.

    Of Kaleidoscopes and Kings: The Return of King Arthur for Spring 2022

    By Bronwyn Rivera How do you define a hero? What does it mean to identify someone as strong or chivalrous in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries? How are authors addressing issues relevant to history, culture, and their individual interests? (And while we’re at it, how do kaleidoscopes have anything in common with kings?) These […]

  • Goldberry Comes to Signum U!

    Friends, registration is open for the Spring 2022 term in the MA and Graduate diploma programs.  When you follow this link, you can look over courses and click on “Register Now” to be introduced to Goldberry, our brand new registration system. Goldberry is intuitive and easy to use!  Simply log in with your @SignumU student […]

  • Signum Launches Into SPACE!

    On October 16th, University President Corey Olsen announced the exciting launch of our SPACE program!  SPACE answers the call for non-academic one-month courses for folks who love learning.  Staffed by our world-class faculty, proposed SPACE modules include short courses in literature (including anime!), the humanities, language acquisition and maintenance, and creative writing. Students set the […]