“Looking Upon a Familiar Sight”: Announcing Mythmoot X: Homeward Bound

Mythmoot X: Homeward Bound. The stylized compass rose in this image is backgrounded by a skyscape, allowing us to daydream about ships which sail the heavens or the seas beneath.

By Bronwyn Rivera

Sometimes, home is behind. Other times, it is just up ahead. From June 22-25, the community of Signum University welcomes you to our 10th annual speculative fiction conference, Mythmoot X: Homeward Bound. Please join us for four marvelous days of thought-provoking academic presentations, interactive discussion panels, creative workshops, and more.

*New this year* Sign up for Mythmoot X via Blackberry! On the Blackberry homepage, look for the scarlet banner emblazoned with the words “Signum Events” and click on the blue “Registration form” link under “Mythmoot X – Homeward Bound.”

The NCC lodging link is now available! To find out more information about reserving a room, please visit this link. Our room block will be available until June 15th or until rooms are full (whichever comes first). If the lodging link informs you that there are no rooms for your selected date email [email protected] with the dates, room type (single or suite), and number of people staying so that the Events Team can contact the NCC direct to see if additional rooms can be added to the Mythmoot block.

Signum University’s Event Committee strives to make each Mythmoot memorable and create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Laurel Stevens, our Events Coordinator, gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at what one can expect for “Homeward Bound”:

  • Meet & Greet – A palantír experience, the Signum way. In-person attendees and online participants will have the opportunity to say hello to each other via livestream.
  • On-Zoom mealtime with the Guests of Honor – Welcome to the digital table. Moothub registrants can join our keynote speaker, Dr. Gabriel Schenk, for food and fellowship.
  • Children’s activities – Kids 6-14 will have special programming coinciding with academic presentations, ensuring entertainment for the whole family.* 
  • Star Trek’s “The Bridge” – Run missions in this short, one-time RPG on a computer set-up with all the tech of a spaceship bridge.*
  • The Room of Requirement – Craving creative space? Rachel and Monica of Tangent Artists are back, armed with all the art supplies you need to craft your next masterpiece.*

*For in-person Mythmoot only.

In keeping with this year’s theme, we are thrilled to return to the beloved, Mines of Moria-esque halls of the National Conference Center (NCC) in Leesburg, Virginia (we strongly encourage the buddy system for anyone new to the NCC’s delightfully labyrinthian layout). Everyone who registers for in-person attendance will have access to all the conference’s activities and be provided with meals. The NCC is more than happy to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions with advanced notice. The ticket will not cover a hotel room, giving you the freedom to stay in a place of your own choosing. You will also receive an email with a link to a private Slack channel, your special social media communication tool throughout the weekend. Mythmoot attendees should register no later than Thursday, June 15.

For those wishing to attend the conference but are unable to travel, Moothub is our digital counterpart to Mythmoot: “Moothub is something that gets better and better every year,” says Laurel. “Certain activities won’t translate well online, but we want to bring as much of the conference to online participants as we can. You’ll still be able to watch the presentations, and anyone who signs up for Mythmoot in any capacity will have access to Slack. We want you to have the option to meet people even if you’re sitting in your living room!” Moothub attendees may register for the conference until Sunday, June 25. The registration team will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible, but please note you will be placed in a queue if you sign up while events are ongoing.  

If you are still on the fence about clicking that golden “Registration” button, Laurel’s good-natured advice is a tried-and-true classic: “You won’t know whether you’ll like it till you try it! Even though it’s an academic conference, Mythmoot has a lot of approachable areas and a high concentration on fandom and community experiences. Attend one thing or as many things as you like. Everybody is on even footing. We’re nerds, we’re geeks, and we adore the topics that bring us together. Preparing for the event takes a lot of work, but it’s full of joy and love. You are welcome to come as you are.” 

Have any questions about Mythmoot? Please reach out to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.