The 2016 Signum/Mythgard Chicken Run in LOTRO

Watch Dr. Corey Olsen Run Like a Chicken!

In our fundraising campaign last fall, we offered a special incentive: If $7,000 in donations were designated as coming from our Mythgard on LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) community, University President Dr. Corey Olsen – known in-game as Gryfflet, the burglarious hobbit – would make a run from Sanderson’s Farm in The Shire to Minas Tirith as a chicken. With […]

Registration open for Spring 2016 courses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – that time when you get to decide which of our upcoming classes you want to take! Registration is now open for the Spring 2016 semester at Signum University. Starting the week of Jan. 11, 2016, we have four courses to choose from.   The Inklings and […]

The Signum Eagle has landed

Signum University now has a new way for students, faculty and other interested parties to keep tabs on the many and sundry pursuits of Signumites: the Signum Eagle. The first issue takes a look at the upcoming conferences and conventions to be attended by Mythgardians.