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You can find all of Signum University’s policies and procedures related to academic standards, codes of conduct, and other important information.

Important: Students, faculty, and staff are expected to be aware of and abide by all university policies that apply to them. All current handbooks are provided on this page for easy reference.

All University Members

These handbooks apply to all individuals affiliated with Signum University, including but not limited to faculty, staff (including work-study staff), volunteers, students, guests speakers/lecturers, and attendees of university-sponsored events.

Acceptable Use Policy

February 2018

This policy outlines acceptable uses of Signum equipment, software, and accounts, including University-issued email accounts.


Bullying Policy

February 2018

This policy outlines Signum University’s stance on bullying, including cyberbullying.


Code of Conduct

February 2018

The Code of Conduct provides guidelines around how all members of the University are expected to contribute to a safe, respectful, and cooperative educational environment.


Library Policies & FAQs

View the Signum Library mission, goals, policies, and frequently asked questions

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This section provides policies related to those who take classes at Signum University, including credit students and auditors.

Student Handbook

September 2020

The Student Handbook provides a wealth of information for students on a wide variety of topics.


Thesis Guidelines

April 2022

This document provides the current thesis guidelines for students completing their Master of Arts in Language & Literature.


Faculty and Staff

This section provides policies related to anyone who works on behalf of Signum University, including faculty, staff, work-study students, volunteers, and board members.

Code of Competency

February 2018

This policy details competency standards at Signum University and methods used to address performance issues of individual employees.


Complaint Policy

February 2018

This policy provides information about different types of complaints and how to file them.


Employing Individuals with Disabilities

February 2018

This policy affirms Signum University’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and expresses the University’s commitment to making reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.


Equal Opportunity Employment and Anti-Discrimination Policy

February 2018

This policy states Signum University’s dedication to hiring without discrimination and the belief that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce.


Faculty Handbook

August 2018

The Faculty Handbook provides a comprehensive explanation of expectations for and responsibilities of Signum University faculty.


Faculty Payments

February 2018

This document provides the payment schedule for faculty members, including thesis directors and guest speakers.


Flexible Working Procedures

February 2018

As an online educational institution, Signum University requires flexibility and adaptability to unique working arrangements. These procedures outline some of the special arrangements used by the University to achieve its mission.


Staff Handbook

February 2018

The Staff Handbook provides a comprehensive explanation of expectations for and responsibilities of Signum University staff, including work-study students and volunteers.


Employee Rights and Disclosures

Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act

Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law

“EEO Is the Law” Poster Supplement

Family Medical Leave Act

Job Safety and Health

Delaware Labor Law

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