Jennifer Rogers


Jenn believes one is never too old or too young to learn something new. She earned her undergraduate degree in English through an innovative college program that allowed her to select courses from universities around the United States in order to create the perfect higher education experience. This not only whetted her appetite for a long-term career in literature, but also gave her a deep appreciation for cutting-edge academic programs. Along came Signum University, the perfect answer to her love of literature and new approaches to old-style learning.

In addition to being a student in the University’s MA program, Jenn leads Signum’s Institutional Planning Team, coordinating policy and compliance to help the University align with its vision, mission, and goals. She welcomes staff and student comments, handles institutional feedback, and encourages teamwork to build plans that continually improve Signum. In her capacity as IP Lead she also serves as a member of Signum’s Strategy Team. In other words, Jenn couldn’t be happier. Further up and further in!