Spring Down a New Path at Signum

Signum Spring 2020 updates

May is a month of transition – flowers blooming, the weather changing, the academic year coming to an end. Here at Signum University, we have a lot of change happening, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the latest goings on.

Signum Path: Building Foundational Skills

The world is going through unprecedented times. When we all emerge, we’ll be in a new normal, which begs the question: How do we prepare ourselves for a new way of working?

The Signum Path program is here to help you do just that: solidify your foundational career skills affordably, accessibly, and without any burdensome time commitment. Regardless of how companies fare, you can make yourself employable across many job markets by honing these foundational skills.

Registration opened last week! Secure your spot in our inaugural June courses and take the next step toward securing your future.

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Summer Semester Last Call!

We have begun our Summer 2020 semester for the MA in English Literature program. Although the first week (and a little more) is already over, you still have time to register for one of the four great classes currently being offered:

We already have a strong registration for this semester, so if you’ve been waiting for some reason – wait no longer!

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Mythmoot VII Moved to August

Due to the State of Virginia’s stay-at-home order and the general uncertainty around travel conditions and social restrictions, the Signum Events Team has moved Mythmoot VII: Defying and Defining Darkness to the weekend of August 6 – 9, 2020. Registrants should have received notification last week via email about how to update or cancel their registrations. If you registered previously but have not yet received an email, please email the events team or or use our contact form.

For those who are interested in registering now that the date change is confirmed, registration is still open. We hope to see as many people at Mythmoot VII – come defy the darkness with us!

The Events Team is working hard to put on another great conference. All of our special guests have confirmed their participation. For those who are unable to attend in person, MootCast is also a great option.

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Anytime Audit Quarantine Special Ends May 31st

When people started staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to offer our Anytime Audit Gift Certificates at a discounted rate of $75 per class to help those who were looking for things to do in self-isolation. We’re glad that so many of you have taken advantage of this offer, and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning what you love from Signum’s incredible faculty.

As some areas are starting to relax stay-at-home restrictions, we have decided to continue our discount through the end of May 2020. At that time, Anytime Audit Gift Certificates will return to their normal low price of $95 each – although, bulk discounts will still be available for purchases of multiple gift certificates at one time.

If you’ve been wanting to take one of our Anytime Audit-eligible classes, or if there’s a class coming up that you will want to enjoy at your own pace, you should get an Anytime Audit Gift Certificate now while they’re still discounts. Gift certificates don’t expire, and you can use for yourself or give them to someone you care about!

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Mythgard Academy Nominations Open

The Council of the Wise is currently accepting nominations for a non-Tolkien book to follow the present discussion of Morgoth’s Ring. Donors who have contributed $100 or more can participate in the nomination process. (If you don’t know how, please email [email protected].) 

Anyone who has donated any amount will get a chance to vote on the finalists once the nomination. See all the ways you can help produce Mythgard and Signum programs through our Donor Appreciation Program.

Donate and Nominate


Signum Online Program Services

With individuals and institutions suddenly having to teach all their courses online, some for the first time ever, Signum is offering its expertise to help teachers, professors, administrators, and others develop their online teaching skills and programs. This new initiative is called Signum Online Program Services, and we launched last month with two programs: The Teacher Mentorship Program and Signum Consultancy.

If you know of anyone looking to boost their online teaching skills or put together an entire online program for their school, please tell them about Signum Online Program Services and let us know.

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State of the University Video Available

If you missed Dr. Corey Olsen’s State of the University Address last week, never fear: the video is now available!

Dr. Olsen discusses both the history and future of Signum, with an emphasis on our new Signum Path career skills training program. Learn how Signum came about, our drive to build a bastion of the humanities, and how helping people bolster foundational job skills will help Signum change the higher education landscape.

Watch the video below, or find it on the Signum YouTube channel.

Ongoing Programs and Activities

In addition to the above, we hope to see you in some – or all! – of our regularly scheduled programs and activities:

See a pattern? If you follow us on Twitch, you’ll get notified whenever one of our programs is about to start. We hope to see you soon!