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  • Logo for the Foundations in Critical Reading & Research course is a clip art style graphic of a shelf, an open laptop, and a stack of thick books with different colored spines.

    Foundations Course Launches August 29th!

    Faith Acker, PhD. not only studies and publishes in the field of Renaissance literature and teaches Latin, she is Curriculum Coordinator for the Master of Arts program at Signum University. In this role, Faith keeps a weather eye on the total program, designing small and large ways to improve our learning opportunities. Faith invites us along […]

  • Signum Spring 2020 updates

    Spring Down a New Path at Signum

    May is a month of transition – flowers blooming, the weather changing, the academic year coming to an end. Here at Signum University, we have a lot of change happening, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the latest goings on. Signum Path: Building Foundational Skills The world is going through unprecedented […]

  • Signum Path logo

    Introducing Signum Path

    Today, Signum University is pleased to announce the opening of registration for Signum Path, a brand new program designed to help people get the foundational skills training they need for any and every job. The Purpose of Signum Path Signum Path was built on the premise that there are certain types of skills all employers […]

  • Coronavirus & COVID-19 Response

    Signum University Coronavirus and COVID-19 Response

    Signum University is fortunate to be one of the few organizations that has been largely unaffected by the increasing interruption in daily life for many individuals, companies, and governments. Given that all of our classes and regular activities are online, our students, staff, and faculty are able to operate, for the most part, in a […]

  • Online Teaching Tips

    11 Tips for Teaching Online from Signum Faculty

    Signum University is a digitally native university focused on providing high-quality instruction online. Since 2011, Signum has combined off-the-shelf and custom software and tools to meet the needs of our students and deliver an unparalleled catalog of language and literature courses. A big part of our success is the hard work of Signum faculty who […]

  • Signum Logo

    Signum in 2020

    Signum is blazing new paths, and as we head into the new year, we’re looking at new programs and expanding existing ones. Check out some of the destinations we’re heading toward in 2020. Signum Path Our newest venture is Signum Path, a program designed to help train people in the “soft skills” they need to […]

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  • Signum Logo

    At-Large Board Member Opening

    The Signum University Board, Signum’s governing body, currently has an opening for a new at-large member. According to the university’s bylaws, these seats require a public call for self-nominations. Take the time to consider whether you might want to serve in this capacity, or whether someone you know could use a nudge to consider putting […]

  • Remembering Jonathan Spencer: Signum Friend, Supporter & Board Member

    We are sad to learn of the recent passing of Jonathan Spencer, a long-time friend, supporter, and board member of Signum University. A lawyer by trade, Jonathan specialized in technology, internet, and corporate law. He also harbored a lifelong passion for continuous learning and higher education, in particular STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) […]

  • Signum Logo 2018

    Thank You for a Wonderful 2018!

    This year has been incredible for Signum. In fact, it’s been so great that it’s hard to put how great into words. So instead, I’d like to share a few numbers with you. In 2018, Signum’s flagship Master of Arts program in Language & Literature has seen: 182 total class registrations 116 Anytime Audit registrations […]

  • Help Signum Seek New Hampshire State Certification

    Signum University is excited to share that we are quickly approaching the end of the process for state certification, not unlike an express train speeding toward the exit of a tunnel. Donate to Signum’s State Certification Costs Here After meeting with the New Hampshire Department of Education in February and then again in March, Dr. […]