Mythmoot X

Mythmoot X: Homeward Bound. The stylized compass rose in this image is backgrounded by a skyscape, allowing us to daydream about ships which sail the heavens or the seas beneath.

Homeward Bound

June 22-25, 2023

National Conference Center,

Leesburg VA

Mythmoot annual conference brings together students, fans, staff, and friends of Signum University, the Mythgard Institute, Signum SPACE, and Signum Academy. Our online and in-person completely hybrid event combines the best of scholarship and friendship in four glorious days.

Starsha examines a book for sale at Mythmoot

Guests of Honor

Sørina Higgins' dark eyes center this black and white photo in mystery and intrigue; can we tell that she is a poet? She's looking right at us, seeing into our hearts, and responding with a gentle Mona Lisa smile.
Gabriel Schenk's endearing asymmetrical smile belies the razor sharp mind behind the man raised in the airs of Oxford.
Ted Nasmith grins happily as the light from the window streams in behind him.

Sørina Higgins, Ph.D.

Gabriel Schenk, DPhil

Ted Nasmith

Sørina Higgins holds a Ph.D. from Baylor University. Her academic interests include British Modernism, the Inklings, theatre, and magic. Sørina has published two volumes of poetry and has a collection of speculative fiction in progress: Shall These Bones Breathe?

Gabriel teaches literature at Signum University, specializing in cultural histories, Arthuriana, and the works of the Inklings.

Ted Nasmith is a widely published illustrator of J.R.R. Tolkien and other fantasy fiction, an accomplished architectural renderer (now retired), and his career has also included diverse forms of book and advertising illustration, along with automotive portraiture. He lives and works in Newmarket, Ontario.

AdultKids 6-14
Full conference$440$225
2 days$305$150
1 day$165$75
MootHub online$75

New this year – Mythmoot has children’s programming! Kids 6-14 will have programming specifically for them for part of the conference.

Further Information

Registration is open! This year’s Mythmoot registration is through Blackberry. If you have not used Blackberry before you will need to create an account using the Registration button below. Early Bird Registration ends March 31st.