Foundations Course Launches August 29th!

Logo for the Foundations in Critical Reading & Research course is a clip art style graphic of a shelf, an open laptop, and a stack of thick books with different colored spines.

Faith Acker, PhD. not only studies and publishes in the field of Renaissance literature and teaches Latin, she is Curriculum Coordinator for the Master of Arts program at Signum University. In this role, Faith keeps a weather eye on the total program, designing small and large ways to improve our learning opportunities.

Faith invites us along on a new adventure: Foundations in Critical Reading and Research! This 12-week, 3-credit course will be required for all MA students who matriculate and begin their studies this Fall ’22 term, and the course will run every year.

Describing this as “The Best Value Course” at Signum, Dr. Acker is bringing not only a deep and detailed 90-minute lecture to students every week Mondays at 5pm, but she has gathered experts across the faculty and from outside the university to round table discussions of their special tools and skills relevant to the lecture topic of the week. Those roundtables will happen usually on Tuesdays between 5 and 7pm (Eastern), possibly varying by the availability of the guests.

Aside from those broadcasts (which will be recorded so that students can re-watch at their convenience), there are two one-hour workshop style group meetings also scheduled each week. Faith Acker will be leading discussion groups as will Dr. Sara Brown and Sparrow F. Alden; these collaborative groups will be scheduled at the best convenience of the students and precepting professors.  Students will do fortnightly project assignments based on the course books (listed on the course page).

Dr. Acker has designed the Foundations course to be modular with new fortnights able to be added as new methods of scholarship are developed. For more information, contact [email protected] or, if you are an MA student, have a chat with your advisor, or contact Faith Acker directly. This entirely beautiful photo of Faith’s cats, Jamie and Dixie, is our Cats of Signum pin-up for July!

Jamie is a grey shorthair striped kitty all curled up for a nap and Dixie is curled up right beside with her head on Jamie's haunch, looking like a little shadow. Faith misses them terribly when she travels.