Support Signum’s certification and accreditation

We did it! Thanks to the generous support of the Signum community, we raised enough money pay the costs associated with our efforts to seek certification by the State of New Hampshire.

In fact, we raised a little more than the $23,720 required – but that extra will be put to good use, as it gives us a start on our next goal, which will be to pay for our upcoming accreditation application.

As Dr. Olsen mentioned in his State of the University address in March, our plan is to seek accreditation shortly after the state certification process is completed. The good news is that we fully expect to begin that application process before the end of 2018. The less good news is that we also expect the costs of accreditation to exceed our certification costs (though, we still do not have a final tally as of yet).

Given the upcoming need, any funds donated through this form going forward will be applied to our future accreditation costs. If you wanted to contribute to the certification costs but did not get a chance, your donation is still much needed now. And if you did contribute already but wish to add a few more dollars specifically toward accreditation costs, we appreciate your additional generosity!

All donations toward certification and accreditation costs are eligible for our Donor Appreciation Program, and will be combined with any previous gifts you might have given since August 1.

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Header graphic courtesy Ian Rickard (CC-BY-2.0)