Spring Courses 2023 Preview

Date & Time

Start: December 1, 2022, 10:00 am

End: December 1, 2022, 11:00 am


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This event is past now, and here’s the YouTube link!

Find out about the new courses offered at Signum University this coming Spring Term (January 9 – April 2) and meet the professors who will be teaching them! Representatives from the courses will be on hand to explain how the classes work, what people can expect if they sign up, and answer questions from the live audience.

Your host, Professor Sparrow Alden, will introduce you to some of our amazing Spring Term professors: Sara Brown, Gabriel Schenk, Nelson Goering, and Paul Peterson.

If you cannot attend live, you can email your question to [email protected] and you will be able to hear the answer in the Youtube recording.

The Spring 2023 Courses

Race, Gender, and the Other in Tolkien’s Middle-earth – This course explores the issues of race, sexuality, gender, and Othering in the mythological legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Gothic Tradition – This course will investigate the fascinating and subversive Gothic imagination, identify the historical conditions that have inspired it, and consider how it has developed across time and place and medium.

Chaucer I: Visions of Love – This class is the first semester in a two-part survey of Chaucer’s major works, looking at his early dream vision poems and his greatest completed work: Troilus and Criseyde.

Introduction to Germanic Philology II – This class provides an introduction to Germanic comparative philology in a broad sense. Students are not expected to have prior familiarity with any language other than modern English.

Join us at 10am Eastern on the 1st of December for this preview of the new courses in the Signum University MA Program.