Fall Courses 2022 Preview

Date & Time

Start: August 25, 2022, 12:00 pm

End: August 25, 2022, 1:00 pm


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Find out about the new courses offered at Signum University this coming Fall Term (August 29 – November 20) and meet the professors who will be teaching them! Representatives from the courses will be on hand to explain how the classes work, what people can expect if they sign up, and answer questions from the live audience.

Your host, Dr. Gabriel Schenk, will introduce you to our amazing Fall Term professors: Dr. Amy H. Sturgis, Dr. Faith Acker, Dr. Nelson Goering, Dr. Sara Brown, Dr. Larry Swain, and Dr. Liam Daley

If you cannot attend live, you can email your question to [email protected] and you will be able to hear the answer in the Youtube recording.

The Fall 2022 Courses

Dark Academia – Dark Academia explores this thriving genre which combines the Gothic, schooldays stories, mystery, and speculative fiction. 

Foundations in Critical Reading and Research – This core course introduces students to current practices and conventions of graduate scholarship in Language and Literature, core literary theories, and foundational Humanities skills.

Beowulf Through Tolkien – This course examines Tolkien and Beowulf together to provide insight into both the classic Old English epic and Tolkien’s modern fantasy works.

Shakespeare and the Middle Ages – The course examines Shakespeare’s Comedies in the context of their medieval literary sources, his Histories in light of Tudor views of the recent medieval past, and his Tragedies in the context of medieval beliefs and cosmologies.

Introduction to Germanic Philology I – This class offers a survey of the older Germanic languages (especially Gothic, Old Norse, and Old English), and the literatures written in those languages.

The course graphics for the five Fall courses are shown in a block: cool creepy things for Dark Academia, a stack of books for Foundations, a Renaissance painting looking graphic for Shakespeare, and the graphics for both Philology and Beowulf are really cool artifact-looking things, but I am not clever enough to know what these beautiful carven looking things are except they make me want to take the courses and find out about them. The Beowulf one looks kind of like a brazen helmet and full face mask with red gem inlays and the Philology one is kind of carven bone with runes and saints and stuff.

Join us at 12pm Eastern on the 25th of August for this preview of the new courses in the Signum University MA Program.