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  • Six Months in SPACE!

    Celebrate with us six wonderful months of fun in Signum SPACE! When setting out on an academic expedition, learners can easily feel daunted by the countless areas of study there are to choose from. The SPACE program at Signum University is here to guide students through the vast academic frontier, providing opportunities to enjoy focused […]

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  • Summer ’22 Course Schedule

    We are pleased to announce that our Summer 2022 schedule is confirmed! These sections are pretty much locked in; we will only open new sections when/if enough new registrations come in. If you have any scheduling concerns please contact [email protected] or email the Curriculum Coordinator at [email protected] All times are listed in EDT, and don’t […]

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  • Digital Text

    Mining through the Margins: Introducing Digital Text for Summer 2022 

    By Bronwyn Rivera.   Elves never grin. Not in Tolkien’s universe, anyway. Grinning is reserved for humans, hobbits, and orcs. The elves prefer to smile. Herman Melville prefaces his magnum opus, Moby Dick, with an etymological breakdown of the word “whale” in thirteen different languages. If you want to figure out how many times “tomorrow” […]

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  • mugs and pewter cups for celebrating community with refreshing and comforting beverages

    A Community of Learners

    by Alexandria Miracola Have you been searching for an online university that provides a wide variety of opportunities to connect with fellow students? If so, we here at Signum University are pleased to report that your search has come to an end. Whether students hope to find community online or at in-person events (or a […]

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  • On a field of snow, white flowers in a vase with greens and a single red rose propre.

    Learn What You Love!

    We’re not here for chocolates, cards, and romance.  What about the Big Three: Philosophy, the love of wisdom,  Philology, the love of words, and Philomathy, the love of learning? A family takes Latin SPACE courses together.  A Master’s program student invited his mum to join him in a Germanic Philology course — and now she’s […]

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