2017 Signum University Webathon

Date & Time




On Saturday, Oct. 14, join Signum University President Dr. Corey Olsen for our webathon concluding this year’s fundraising campaign.

This year’s webathon will feature three primary events, interspersed with conversations, interviews, readings, trivia, and giveaways. Each section of the webathon will focus on programs offered by the three branches of Signum University: Signum Grad School, Mythgard Institute, and the new kids programming being introduced under Signum Academy.


The webathon will start at noon and will continue until at least midnight (EDT). All times listed below are approximate target times and may shift as the event progresses.

  • Noon EDT: Welcome and Exploring The Lord of the Rings session on the Adventures of Tom Bombadil
  • Signum Grad School Update
  • Introducing: Mythgard Movie Club
  • Mythgard Academy Trivia and Program Review
  • 4:20 PM EDT: Mythgard Academy Special: Star Trek episode
  • Signum Academy: Special Interview
  • Silmarillion Film Project program review
  • Tolkien Trivia
  • Exploring The Lord of the Rings program review
  • 9:00 PM ET: State of the University Address and Q&A Session
  • 10:30 PM ET: Lord of the Rings Online: Taking Wigend to Isengard

Throughout the campaign, we will also enjoy special readings from students, faculty, and participants from various Signum programs. Special guests for these segments include Kay Ben-Avraham, Paul Peterson, Tom Hillman, Sparrow Alden, Richard Rohlin, and Kate Neville.

Join Us Live

This year, participants are encouraged to join live through our public discussion channels on Twitch and Discord:

In addition, a limited number of spaces will be available through GoToWebinar (Netmoot). However, we ask that those who wish to view the webathon please join through one of the above methods, to ensure that our presenters can log in during their portions of the webathon.

All viewers will be able to participate in the interactive portions of the webathon, including the trivia and Q&A segments, regardless of which channel they join.

Support Signum University

We want to thank all those who continue to support Signum University with their generous donations, both during the campaign and throughout the year.

For those who wish to donate during the webathon (or at any other time), please do so by clicking the button below:

Donate to Signum University

Join us at Noon ET on Saturday, Oct. 14 for the annual fall webathon to support Signum University.