Answering the Call: Leading higher education to a better future

Higher education is in turmoil.

Student debt is skyrocketing. The Humanities are being marginalized, and people and businesses are suffering. Now, educators are struggling to figure out the new normal of remote learning.

Signum is small and largely unknown, but we’ve been working on these problems for nearly a decade. This year, we are Answering the Call and offering our experience and expertise to any and all who want it.

Our goal is simple: to change the higher education landscape. Forever.

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How Signum is Stepping Up

How is Signum addressing the challenges that face higher education, the workplace, and other areas of our lives? Learn about our educational, training, and mentorship programs available to individuals, groups, and other institutions.

Signum Path logo

Signum Path adapts Signum’s effective remote-learning model to meet the corporate world’s need of high-impact professional development. Soft skills are in short supply, but with Signum Path we can help businesses and individuals operate in a more human, and more productive, way. Launched earlier this year, Path is already changing lives and workplaces by teaching foundational skills.

Signum Humanities

Signum Humanities is the University’s first foray into developing an undergraduate program. The Signum College Applied Humanities Program will take a totally new approach to teaching humanities disciplines in an effort to reestablish the humanities as essential skills needed for any and all occupations and pursuits. We launched the planning process with the recent Humanities Summit, and development is in motion for launch in Fall 2022.

Signum Online Program Services

Signum Online Program Services offers our decade of experience in developing and executing remote learning programs to others. Institutions and administrative officials can consult with Signum to design or refine their programs, while individuals and teams can receive mentorship and guidance on effective ways to deliver lessons online.

Signum Graduate School

Signum Graduate School offers rigorous graduate-level instruction through remote learning using a hybrid approach of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The Graduate School’s premiere MA in Language & Literature program offers concentrations in niche literature and language studies, including Tolkien Studies, Imaginative Literature, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Literature and Germanic Philology.

Mythgard Institute

Mythgard Institute remains Signum’s core foundation focused on the study and enjoyment of speculative storytelling, including fantasy, science fiction, folklore, fairy tales, and more — with special attention to adaptation and collaborative narrative. The need for shared stories is greater than ever, and Mythgard is on the cusp of launching new programs that will expand opportunities for community involvement.

Fall Fiction Contest

Showcase your short fiction writing skills!

During the campaign period, we will be running a short fiction contest on the theme of Tales from the Hearthfire. On Sept. 22, we will release a set of writing prompts, with entries due by end of the day on Sept. 30. Winning entries will be announced during the Campaign Finale on Oct. 17.

Learn more from our very own Sparrow Alden:

Fiction Contest Details

2020 Campaign Event Schedule

During our campaign, we will highlight the excellent programs and activities that the various branches of Signum conduct on a regular basis. Among our standard programming are the following weekly events:

In addition, we will have a few special events that have become staples of our annual campaign, including a finale event. The table below provides an overview of the events happening during the campaign period – for those who can’t make it live, all events (except the regional moots) will be recorded and available for free viewing on the Signum University YouTube Channel.

2020 Annual Fund Campaign Special Events
Sept. 22Hobbit Day Reading8 p.m.
Sept. 26LOTRO Marathon: The Great Wedding1 p.m.
Oct. 2Thesis Theater: Jens Hieber7 p.m.
Oct. 8Thesis Theater: Gwen Grant3 p.m.
Oct. 10MiddleMootAll Day
Oct. 15Signum University: Who We Are8:30 pm
Oct. 17Campaign FinaleTBD
  • Registration Forthcoming
  • Twitch
Oct. 17State of the University AddressTBD
  • Registration Forthcoming

*All times Eastern Time

2020-2021 Donor Appreciation Program

Signum University’s students, staff, and faculty are grateful to our donors, and we want to show our appreciation. Individuals who donate at certain levels will receive the benefits outlined below.

Note: This year we are making it even easier to receive benefits through monthly donations. Recurring monthly donations help Signum better plan for budgeted expenses throughout the year. Please consider setting up a recurring contribution when completing the donation form.

Annual Donation


Up to $99

Voting rights in the Mythgard Academy

$100 and up
$10 monthly

Membership on the Council of the Wise to nominate Mythgard Academy seminars

$150 and up
$12 monthly

Signum Annual Memorabilia: Your choice of a mug or bag featuring the exclusive annual campaign graphic

$200 and up
$15 monthly

Membership in the Signum Fellowship, including invitation to a monthly live interactive update with Corey

$250 and up
$20 monthly

Access to the lecture archives for one course from the Signum Catalog

$500 and up
$40 monthly

MootPass — VIP MootCast access to three Regional Moots of your choice between now and August 2021.

$1,000 and up

VIP MootCast access to Mythmoot and all Regional Moots between now and August 2021.

$2,500 and up

VIP admission to Mythmoot

$5,000 and up

A full Mythgard seminar on the book, film, or TV series of your choice

$10,000 and up

Lifetime access to the lecture archives of the full Signum Catalog

$25,000 and up

Dedication of a course in Signum’s MA in Language & Literature program to you or someone you designate, with an acknowledgment plaque on the course page and at the start of every lecture recording.

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