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Growing into the Future

Signum University sprouted from a desire to take fantasy and science fiction literature seriously.

Building from the success of his Tolkien Professor podcast, Signum’s Founder and President Dr. Corey Olsen wanted to foster a serious academic discussion on imaginative literature among scholars and fans alike. Over the last six years, many volunteers and donors have contributed toward the success of that vision.

As a result, Signum University now has three main branches

While these programs have already seen great success, Signum University wants to do even more. Started from scratch as a 21st century university, Signum is ready continue building these programs that use the digital connections of our world in a fulfilling and edifying way for all want to learn what they love.

Learn more about how we are growing during our annual campaign events and throughout the year.

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Campaign Event Schedule

This year, we are highlighting the excellent programs and activities that the various branches of Signum conduct on a regular basis.

Among our standard programming are the following weekly events:

In addition, we will have a few special events that have become staples of our annual campaign, including a closing webathon. See the list of events happening during our campaign period. Links to more information will be provided as more details become available.

How Your Donation Supports Signum University

  • Honoraria for our world-class faculty and speakers
  • Classroom interface (aka, “Netmoot”) costs
  • Library resources for our students
  • Website hosting services
  • Cloud storage and streaming
  • Administrative tools for our worldwide team of volunteers, faculty, and work-study staff

Help Build Our 21st Century Campus

For those who can’t make it live, all events will be recorded and available for free viewing on the Signum University YouTube Channel.

Note: All times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Donor Appreciation Program

Signum University’s students, staff, and faculty are grateful to our donors, and we want to show our appreciation. As a result, individuals who donate at certain levels will receive certain benefits as outlined in the table below.

Annual Donation


Up to $99

Voting rights in the Mythgard Academy

$100 and up

Membership on the Council of the Wise

$150 and up

Signum Annual Memorabilia

$250 and up

Access to one course from the Signum Archive

$500 and up

Acknowledgement and access to a second course from the Signum Archive

$1,000 and up

Advisory Council membership and access to a third course from the Signum Archive

$2,500 and up

VIP admission to Mythmoot V

$5,000 and up

Mythgard seminar of your choice

$10,000 and up

Regional moot (meetup) in your hometown (or town of choice)

Donate Today

If you enjoy the activities offered by Signum University and the Mythgard Institute, please donate today. Donating not only gives you the special access to programs and courses noted, but it lets you help others enjoy our free educational materials as well.

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