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Signum University is growing by leaps and bounds! But in order remain on our current path to success, Signum needs your help. Your donations make a huge difference in the lives of Signum students. Click here to donate…

Goal: $50,000

$42,605 – 85.2%%

Gifts and Pledges to the Signum Annual Fund (August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017)

How Your Donation Supports Signum University

As Signum University continues to grow, the costs of offering our revolutionary instructional framework grow as well. This is a happy problem, as it means more and more people are becoming aware of our services as we maintain our mission to provide affordable education options to everyone around the world.

Being an online institution, many of the costs associated with that mission increase as more and more people access our offerings.

  Support Signum University  

  • Honoraria for our world-class faculty and speakers
  • Classroom interface (aka, “Netmoot”) costs
  • Library resources for our students
  • Website hosting services
  • Cloud storage and streaming
  • Administrative tools for our worldwide team of volunteers, faculty, and work-study staff

Signum University & Mythgard Institute

Many people have become part of the Signum University family through the popular offerings of the Mythgard Institute. This includes programs such as:

We want to acknowledge that many of the Mythgard faithful may not be familiar with Signum University. As the parent institution of Mythgard Institute, all funding and support for Mythgard programs comes through Signum University.

For example, Signum University pays for the classroom interface, recording software, hosting services, and other technologies and administrative tools used by Mythgard classes and programs. By supporting Signum University, you are also supporting the continuation of these engaging and educational programs.

  Signum Donations Help the Mythgard Institute  

Donor Appreciation Program

Signum University’s students, staff, and faculty are grateful to our donors, and we want to show our appreciation. As a result, individuals who donate at certain levels will receive certain benefits as outlined in the table below.


Annual Donation


Green Circle

$1 – $99

Access to Community Hearth Hangout area (welcomed into our online community), plus a special Mythgard Academy discussion area.

Blue Circle

$100 – $249

Same as Green, plus membership in Council of the Wise and access to one course from our course archives.

Brown Circle

$250 – $499

Same as Blue, plus access to our special interest discussion areas (such as our Creative Writing area) and two courses instead of one from the Course Archives.

Grey Circle

$500 – $999

Same as Brown, with three courses from the Course Archives

White Circle


Same as Grey, with five courses from the Course Archives

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If you enjoy the activities offered by Signum University and the Mythgard Institute, please donate today. Donating not only gives you the special access to programs and courses noted, but it lets you help others enjoy our free educational materials as well.

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