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New England Moot 2021: Second Breakfast

Please join us in Durham, NH on Saturday, September 25th for scholarly papers, creative presentations, and fellowship.  We will consider nourishment for body, mind, and spirit all within the Signum University common interests of philology and imaginative & classic literature. Where: 1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH Logistics: On-line attendance is welcome. If you bring your […]

1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH

MiddleMoot – Philology: Love of Words, Friend of Words

Join us in Waterloo, Iowa — or remotely — to deepen our enjoyment and exploration of words.  Words build worlds and tear them down, from blank page to epics.  We’re excited to hear about one another’s journeys and share good company. A call for papers and presentations will be linked right here We will bring […]

Come Gather: Signum Moots

Moots join Signum and Mythgard friends across the globe in academic, creative, and community activities to enjoy one another’s company.  Moots are physical gatherings in many regions of the world with online attendance nearly always an option.  Individuals present papers, panels discuss, speakers speak, and second breakfast is frequently enjoyed. Moots rely on the good […]

TexMoot 2022

Big hearts, big books, big love of great literature!  Whether you are attending in person or on line, you will be welcome at TexMoot. Watch this space for forthcoming details