Signum University Code of Conduct

Signum’s Code of Conduct provides specific information about consequences of student misconduct, the university’s sexual harassment policy, the equal opportunity policy, and the cyber-bullying policy.

Consequences of Misconduct for Students

Students in the Signum community agree to keep our Code of Conduct upon enrolling in the University. As such, we reserve the right to respond to student breaches of this Code or any other behavioral policies established by the University. The following are sanctions you may expect Signum University to impose for student misconduct, in addition to complying with any relevant state or federal laws. The sanctions are listed in order of ascending severity:

1. Warning – Students who fail to comply with academic policies and procedures for a reason judged unsuitable by their instructor(s) and/or relevant staff members will receive a warning from said instructor(s) explaining the student’s academically careless or otherwise inappropriate behavior. The instructor(s) will first take steps to ensure the student is prepared and able to complete assignments in a timely manner, and will approach the student with an attitude of help and advisement rather than punitively.

2. Probation – Students who have previously received a Warning from the University but continue in their failure to comply with the University’s academic standards will receive a formal reprimand from the University expressing its disapproval of the student’s careless or inappropriate behaviour. Students who have received a reprimand for a failure to comply with academic standards or who have engaged in misconduct judged by the University to warrant this sanction will be placed on probation for six months or two Signum terms. During the time of probation, students must adhere to all of the University’s standards, policies, and procedures. If students succeed in adhering to the University’s regulations, they will be removed from probation. Students who fail to adhere to any of the University’s regulations will be suspended. Probation will be kept on the student’s record.

3. Suspension – Students who have failed probation or who have engaged in any misconduct judged by the University to warrant this sanction will be suspended from the University for a time to be determined by the University but no less than six months and no more than eight semesters. During this time, suspended students will not be allowed to participate in their current courses nor register for future courses. The University strongly encourages that throughout the time of suspension students seek personal and/or academic assistance from other sources should they wish to return to the University. Students who return from a period of suspension will be kept on probation for a period of time determined by the University. A suspension will be kept on the student’s record.

4. Expulsion – Students who have returned to the University after a time of suspension and then failed their probation period or who have engaged in any misconduct judged by the University to warrant this sanction will be expelled from the University. During the time of expulsion, students may not participate in any University-related activities. Students who have been expelled from Signum University may return to the University after a period of three years. If accepted, students will be on probation for the first year of their enrolment period with the institution. Students may not resume their studies as they were at the point of expulsion; none of the credits earned prior to the expulsion will count towards their course of study, should they choose to resume at a later date. Instead, previously expelled students will start their study program of choice from the beginning of said program. Expulsion will be kept on the student’s record.

Sexual Harassment Policy for Students

Signum University is committed to creating an institution that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment goes against the University’s Code of Conduct and its Mission Statement and Core Values. As such, sexual harassment will not be tolerated. In the case of any and all allegations of sexual harassment that have been determined credible, the University will take prompt and appropriate corrective action in accordance with University policy and procedures and all applicable state and federal laws. Please report sexual and other forms of harassment by contacting the Student Support Team at [email protected].

Equal Opportunity Policy

All opportunities and benefits at Signum University are equally available to any individual regardless of race, religion, national identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status, disability*, age, status as a U.S. military veteran, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. Discrimination based on an individual’s actual or perceived identity with such protected categories is prohibited. Retaliation against anyone who lodges a complaint in good faith or truthfully participates in an investigation of discrimination is also prohibited.

* Signum University defines a disability as a physical or mental condition, past or present, that substantially limits one or more major life functions, or if an individual is regarded or perceived, correctly or incorrectly, as having such a condition. Signum is committed to making reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities whenever possible. For information, please see Signum University’s policy on Accessibility and Students with a Disability.

Cyber-Bullying Policy

Signum University is a digital campus and realizes that many forms of misconduct can take place on the Internet. Any forms of cyberbullying, stalking, harassment, or any other digital versions of misconduct will be treated with equal and like response as though the misconduct had taken place on a non-virtual campus. Virtual bad behavior is still bad behavior and will not be tolerated at this institution.

Updated 9/24/2020

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