Position/Title: Visiting Lecturer

  • A man of European decent is delivering a talk with a sheaf of notes in his hand. He's ignoring the notes, however, and he has wandered away from the podium. He leans in toward the audience with a look of excitement such as he probably had when he was discovering a new cool book at the library as a small boy.

    Andrew Higgins

    Dr. Andrew Higgins received a PhD in 2015 from Cardiff Metropolitan University. His PhD thesis ‘The Genesis of Tolkien’s Mythology’ explored the first major expression of Tolkien’s mythology The Book of Lost Tales materials, with a specific emphasis on the interrelated nature of myth and language in Tolkien’s earliest world-building. He has currently just completed…

  • Dr. Amy H. Sturgis is smiling at us with open, friendly eyes and a broad grin. She is waiting in a room with wooden walls and a wooden staircase, making us think of curling up in a cabin at story time to listen to her read beside the fire.

    Amy H. Sturgis

    Amy H. Sturgis earned her Ph.D. in Intellectual History from Vanderbilt University and specializes in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Gothic and Indigenous American Studies. She contributes the “Looking Back on Genre History” segment to the Hugo Award-winning StarShipSofa podcast. Dr. Sturgis is also the author of four books and over sixty essays; her published works have earned honors for…