Will Sherwood

Will Sherwood is currently writing his PhD thesis ‘I sit beside the fire and think’: J.R.R. Tolkien, British Romanticism, and their Cultural Legacies at the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Professor Dimitra Fimi and Professor Matthew Sangster. Previously, his MbyRes thesis The Romantic Faëry: Keats, Tolkien, and the Perilous Realm was supervised by Professor Nick Groom and Dr Christopher Stokes at the University of Exeter, and his undergraduate dissertation at the University of Portsmouth sought to define The Byronic Sublime.

Will is the Education Secretary for The Tolkien Society and has hosted many online and hybrid conferences. He has edited several volumes on Tolkien including Adapting Tolkien (2021), Twenty-first Century Receptions of Tolkien (2022), and Tolkien and Diversity (2023), Translating and Illustrating Tolkien (2023), The Romantic Spirit in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien (2023), and Tolkien and the Gothic (2024). He has published reviews and articles in the Journal of Tolkien Research and has presented at a range of conferences on Tolkien, Romanticism, and Object-Oriented Ontology.

Will Sherwood is a cleanshaven square jawed kind of guy, but seriously let's talk about this purple necktie! It's swirly tones of purple paisley and thoroughly sets a tone like, "don't let the short haircut fool you." Also, bonus points for the Windsor knot. We also must remark upon the fabulous left lapel pin emblem. Bronze looking compass rose belies his steampunk heart while the blue suit and shine black shoes try to hide it. He has an eager smile and seems to have European ancestry