Tom Hillman

Born and raised in New York City, Tom Hillman knew the romance of myth, history, language, and the sea. For Tom Middle-earth was an adventure he was meant to find. He has had the privilege to teach Greek and Latin, the good fortune to publish articles on Roman History, Greek Biography and Tolkien, and the temerity to teach himself Old English and Hebrew. He is the author of To Rule the Fate of Many: Truth, Lies, Pity and the Ring of Power, which he hopes will see the light of day sometime quite soon. Otherwise, he’s not half as grumpy as he looks.

Tom Hillman looks grumpy enough for most holiday purposes, but he's sliding out of the frame to starboard, his white-haired, goatee'd, and bespectacle'd visage dwarved by shelves and shelves of books, almost all Tolkien and Tolkenia, with a radical all-in-one Chronicles of Narnia on a high shelf.