Shawn Gaffney

Shawn Gaffney holds Masters degrees in Linguistics (Boston College) and Egyptology (New York University) and last year completed a Masters in Language and Literature from Signum University. With considerable coursework in these three areas of academia, Shawn has explored many topics specific to the ancient world, such as contact between different cultures, magic, and language change in his research and writing. He has spent the last few summers at archaeological digs in Turkey and Connecticut and also studied ancient Indo-European languages at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Shawn enjoys studying the writing systems, structure, and history of many languages, but has a special fondness for Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Beyond academic study, Shawn enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy, foraging and taking pictures of mushrooms, and watching his two year old play with garbage trucks.

Shawn Gaffney, a scholar with salt-and-pepper hair and long beard sits outdoors wearing horn-rimmed glasses, a puffy dark jacket, and a faraway gaze.